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Everyone Suddenly Gets a Crypto Job


It’s summer and ethtrader is back to the one we like and love, undoubtedly in part because eth has gone green today.

Or maybe it’s because suddenly everyone is getting a crypto job. Here’s one etherean, all happy and waving the crypto flag. He or maybe she says:

“Full time crypto now. Starting a new blockchain company to help this community and others, I believe in this tech and want to be a part of the revolution.”

Yeehaa. Another one limits his excitement to just exclamation marks, stating “started working full-time on blockchain projects, feels good !!”

“As a developer?” – asks someone. Uuuuu. “I’m working in a consulting firm, I’m an advisor on what can be done with the technology and making a link with development teams.”

Oh, ok (jokes, jokes). There’s a third, but he/she is only a hopefully for now, aww. “Applying at a crypto startup. From enthusiast to holder to builder. 🙌”

Wow, we can have them silly emojis on here? “Okay today everyone got a job in the cryptospace or what,” someone summarizes, and maybe they have.

It’s July, the month when just out of uni boys and girls face the real world out there where now they’re meant to do stuff and build a better world.

The crypto world, for the three above, in a fast moving space of hopes and dreams and crashed down hacked projects.

A space where you can go from just hired to leading a project, or the leading face that attracts all focus of an angry internet mob.

Plenty of opportunities… for a bug to lose lots of money if a comma has been missed. Not that we’re trying to scare you young ones, but to bring to focus the responsibility you now have the privilege of enjoying.

Because soon-ish, whatever you might be building may be used by millions and perhaps, perhaps billions for the latter is in no way outside the realm of foreseeability.

What choices you make might affect not just a few years but generations. Whether you choose to addict grandmas to click ads like (censored), or whether you choose an open world that empowers grandma, is indeed your decision and in many ways yours alone.

Because here at Trustnodes we might sit and shout, or praise, but you’re the ones building the things and driving forward this space.

And a lot of you are needed. Thousands of blockchain related positions are going unfulfilled because there is a significant shortage of skills.

All universities of name have now started to serve some of it, but ain’t you the lucky ones to get in so early when the crypto world is flat and the competition almost none.

That may change in the years to come, but coding skills are still in short supply even in other areas let alone in this space. Mix it with some math wiz, and not just 2+2 but calculus etc., and you should be good to go and wave the crypto flag.

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