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55% of Bitcoiners are Conservative, 55% of Ethereans are Liberal Says Survey


A survey of more than 1,200 crypto investors reveals some interesting findings about the political leanings of cryptonians and specific cryptos.

The survey by Coindesk finds that 55% of bitcoiners lean right, while 41% are to the left, somewhat reflecting the general population.

Ethereum shows the same divide but with most leaning to the left, 55%, while 45% lean right, with plenty of them presumably in the centre.

Cryptonians’ political leanings.

There is no option of independent, with Coindesk for some reason replacing independent with nihilist, so the findings are not very scientific, but nonetheless somewhat interesting.

BCH, for example, has 63% leaning to the right, while the anonymity focused XMR has the highest number of nihilists.

Ethereum is the most left leaning, but the lack of an option for independent has abstracted the question asked.

Nonetheless it does to some extent show what we’ve always been saying on these pages. Cryptos are somewhat politically neutral and attract people from the left and the right with their distribution largely reflecting the general population.

That is why we try to maintain neutrality when considering the Republican party or the Democratic party in general except of course where it concerns matters that directly affect this space.

It also shows that Democrats would be mistaken to see cryptos as a right thing or a libertarian community, not least because smart contracts can allow for true cooperatives among many other left matters.

It is of course just a technology that can be utilized towards many ends, with the main one being that the people control their money, rather than banks.

And we say banks, not governments. Central banks are independent while commercial banks are privately owned, with the government having no say over how much money they print or don’t print or how high or low they send interest rates.

Nor do elected politicians have any oversight over money creation and supply, nor is there any real accountability and so on, with most of these matters effectively being apolitical, which is probably why these pages attract as many from the left as the right, forcing us to be independent and politically neutral.

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