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Bitcoin Core Release Causes Confusion


Bitcoin Core has released a new client, version 0.16.2, which has some very minor cosmetic changes, but has led to some confusion.

Node operators noticed a version discrepancy as was still showing version 0.16.0. Some of them wondered whether was a scam. One of them says:

“I’m not budging. In the realm of crypto there are so many rotten people, so many scams; I won’t make a move until this version number discrepancy is explained.

If I get even a whiff of a rat I walk the other way. My Bitcoin Rule #2 is guilty until proven innocent.”

It is a reasonable approach when it comes to nodes, but this confusion is only due to petty politics that have led Bitcoin Core devs to now use bitcoincore primarily, if not solely.

This confusion suggests that’s a wrong approach, at least for now, and the Bitcoin Core maintainer should continue to update, and perhaps even do that first.

Otherwise, node operators may well continue running old software because understandably they do not have much trust in the relatively new bitcoincore website.

That website was created only recently and it is apparently owned and operated by an anonymous individual called btcdrake who used to pay Peter Todd to work on some altcoin.

Unlike which is open source, bitcoincore does not appear to have a community aspect, so node operators understandably are hesitant after years of getting their binaries from bitcoin org.

If a transition to a new website is desired, however, the website should be owned by a multi-sig of the five developers with commit access, the entire website should be open source, and of course it should be under a commons license.

One does not necessarily need to trust the website, however, as one can just verify Wladimir J. van der Laan’s Bitcoin Core binary release signing key.

Yet, a cautious approach when it comes to binaries makes sense, so some confusion should have been expected.



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  1. Ethereum is anything but a toddler. It is the Grand Old Lady and should be treated with respect. It was a groundbreaker being the first of its kind. However this is a field in which things move extremely quickly and so people need to let go and embrace the newer more capable chains. the Ford model T was a great breakthrough but you wouldn’t drive one today.

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