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A Crypto Mining TV to Come to Market


A crypto hardware manufacturer that accounts for some 20% of all bitcoin Asics, Canaan Creative, is planning to launch a bitcoin mining TV set according to South China Morning Post.

The TV set, AvalonMiner Inside, can process 2.8 trillion hashes a second, translating to 2.8 Terahertz. In comparison, Avalon’s asics can process 11 THz/s.

Suggesting the TV will do a lot of work while you watch a movie, but it will still be a fraction of bitcoin’s total hashrate which currently stands at 45,000 petahertz, with 1,000 terahertz being 1 petahertz.

You might however make some pennies, perhaps, with the TV further having voice control features powered by artificial intelligence. It can also tell you how much you might expect in profits from bitcoin mining which you can use to buy content from Canaan’s platform.

We couldn’t find a showcase of the TV itself. You’d think fan noise would be a problem, as might be energy costs considerations, but during winter it can double as a heater potentially.

This comes at a time when Canaan is preparing for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in Hong Kong where they hope to raise $1 billion based on $205 million in revenue for 2017.

Their far bigger competitor, Bitmain, which accounts for some 70% of all manufactured bitcoin asics, is also planning to IPO in Hong Kong with the hope of raising $12 billion on $1 billion revenues for 2017.

They’re both shunning mainland China based stock exchanges where they both have their headquarters due to a hostile attitude by Chinese policy makers.

“If we cannot maintain the scale and profitability of our single line of system products and, at the same time, offer new products, our ability to continue to grow will suffer,” Canaan said in their IPO filing.

They’re thus now looking to diversify by entering the highly competitive TV market in the hope that optional mining will be a sufficient unique selling point.

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  1. This would be so amazing… grandma could pay her cable bill while watching the voice!!! lol

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