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Celebrity Hacked, $4,000 in Bitcoin Demanded, Account Recovered


A celebrity with some 4.2 million Instagram followers was hacked earlier today with some $4,000 worth of bitcoin demanded for a return of the account.

The hackers initially deleted all Instagram posts of Zari Hassan, a Ugandan singer socialite. The content returned by the time we checked, but the message below was shown:

Ugandan celeb hacked for bitcoin.

No porn was posted as far as we can see despite the above statement, with the account now back to normal at the time of writing.

How it was recovered is unclear, but no bitcoin payment was made with the bitcoin address above showing no incoming or outgoing transactions ever.

The hack occurred while Zari was celebrating her daughter’s birthday. The perpetrators remain unknown as far as we are aware, with it still unclear as to how exactly this account was hacked.

The sum demanded sounds small, but in a country with a GDP per capita of $2,500, it is nearly double the yearly wages.

However, the account recovery without data losses might suggest this hacking method doesn’t work.

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