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Rift Develops in Bitcoin Cash as Lead Dev of Bitcoin ABC is Banned From a Slack


Amaury Sechét has suddenly been banned from a slack channel that appears to have connections to Craig Wright over what appears to be a dispute regarding some proposed obscure protocol change.

What exactly went on is unclear, but Joel Dalais, who appears to be a Craig Wright fan and calls himself BCH strategist, says he banned Sechét because:

“Amaury hardly used the slack, he was very rarely there, this recent time he just appeared to have a fight.

I really wish the drama did not happen, I also wish that things were still on track (barely 1 month after getting OP codes back in May we have the push for pre-consensus).”

Sechét for his part thought it wise to go to Bitcoin Core fora and take the microphone to state:

“Hillarious: Creator of BCash, has been banned from the BCash Slack. And then they say r/bitcoin is censored.”

Creator. The dispute here is over pre-consensus, otherwise called weak blocks or many other different variations that amount to this explanation:

“Upon finding a weak block, miners circulate the block to the other miners, and then when a full block is found, a diff between the weak block and full block can be circulated instead of just the full block.

This diff is both quicker to validate and quicker to circulate, resulting in substantially improved block propagation times and a reduced orphan rate, thus reduced miner centralization pressure.”

The idea is basically some optimizations on how data travels over internet tubes generally and over the BCH network specifically.

Craig Wright, however, appears to very much dislike this and has even threatened to take the ball home and fork off. “Any fork will not be BCH and will not have out [sic] support,” he said this July.

So, is there reason to worry? Well, since this is thankfully about Craig Wright, then probably not, but there would have been far better ways to go about it all.

There are dangers, however, and they’re easily visible. The obvious one here is that Mr Wright might bot flood public spaces if he does fork, but a more serious one might be a potential exploitation of natural competition between the two main clients.

Tensions between Bitcoin Unlimited and Bitcoin ABC have appeared to be increasing recently. The reason is probably the lack of a decision making mechanism.

Bitcoin Core ostensibly operates on rough consensus, with unclear rough rules as to who has say within such “consensus.” Eth has kind of settled on a token holders vote, which is not necessarily binding, but it can be within proper context. BCH, on the other hand, doesn’t really have even the appearance of a somewhat decentralized decision making method.

That can, and probably will, descend to whoever can shout loudest or in realpolitiks terms to whoever can push code.

Something which naturally means tensions may arise as some feel unheard or as some others feel they are heard too much.

As such, this opportunity should be used to strengthen decision making mechanisms, to set-up more open and transparent processes, and to have some feet on the ground, rather than to shout even louder or to make fun of your own project in other fora.

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