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ETHBerlin to Only Use Dapps For Their 1,000 Attendees Hackathon Event


Some 750 hackers are expected to descend on Berlin this September 7th to 9th with 1,000 people attending in total.

Much fun will be had as they break new frontiers with, this time, the organizers themselves doing their part.

“If we have a working dApp, then why do we keep using the old centralized closed source apps?” So asks rhetorically Maria Paula Fernández, one of the organizers.

They’re not going to for this event in one of the biggest coding community in the world, Berlin, where cheap rent and a strong focus on privacy due to past traumas has attracted many pioneers.

Out with Telegram, in with Status. The latter is a mobile dapp that acts as an eth client. It allows for group chats as well as dapps browsing, with our testrun review of it giving Status the highest rating so far at 4.5 out of 5.

They have their own coin, of course, in collaboration with the Bounties Network, and a reward as “the person that wins the most BRLN at the end of the hackathon, shall be prized and named Der/das dAppmeister/in Supreme.”

Das Supremas of le dapps. We’d give that title to the organizers because they’re doing a bit more than just using the dapps with BRLN to be integrated with Status.

For attendance, they’re using a system that would be useful say for doctors appointments in countries with free healthcare.

BlockParty asks you to put down a deposit. If you attend, you get it back. If you don’t, your deposit is shared with those who do attend.

This idea developed due to individuals signing up for the Ethereum London meetups, but then not showing up while at times there was a waiting list of some 500 people wanting to go.

So Makoto Inoue came up with this idea of having some stake when signing up for a free event so that you take it a bit more seriously or otherwise you get a little bit punished for it.

Livepeer is an eth based decentralized live streaming platform which has its own nodes that are incentives through its own token. A platform of choice for ETHBerlinas.

Now, Fernández is keeping a secret that has something to do with VR lands and decentralized virtual reality. We couldn’t possibly guess, so off to Winding Tree.

That’s a decentralized booking platform which will have some discounts for ETHBerlin attendants that want to book a hotel.

Finally, for the known dapps, there’s Olympia by Gnosis which will be used to select the people’s haxor, or as they call it the “people’s choice award.”

Using the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) gets you a bounty with the organizers potentially looking to utilize more dapps where appropriate. Fernández says:

“So far, testing Olympia, Status and Livepeer has provided nothing but satisfactory experiences. Even though Status is not as user-friendly as Telegram (what they usually use for hackathon communities) we stand strong by the fact we need to cope with the limitations and choose dApps. We’ll be adding more soon hopefully!

The event is set to have 1000 attendees, so provided 750 are hackers, mentors, judges and volunteers, we expect at least a 70% adoption of some of the dApps.”

This is the latest hackathon in a global series from city to city, with the last one held in Argentina this May where 300 coders attended.

The Berlin hackathon may be one of the biggest yet and its just a month or two before Devcon where around 3,000 people are expected to attend.

The second wave of 300 Devcon tickets sold out in just 3 minutes. The first such sale in June was over in 18 minutes.

As such, events like ETHBerlin might satisfy some considerable demand for Solidity coding skills, thus we look forward to seeing what comes out of it.



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