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Dapps First Says Eth Developer or Nearly 10,000 Users Send One Eth to a Dapp Every Day


When Maria Paula Fernández, organizer of ETHBerlin, announced earlier this month they were to use only dapps for their 1,000 strong hackathon event, she perhaps did not realize that she might have started a movement.

Out with America First and in with “whenever there is a viable decentralized alternative, we will use it,” as Martin Köppelmann of Gnosis said, or in with Dapps First.

That’s, at least, the approach nearly 10,000 ethereans are taking, with an average of one eth sent by each every day.

Dapps usage stats by State of Dapps.

That accounts for nearly 10% of all eth daily transactions, but that’s probably just the projects they track.

It is unlikely, for example, they are tracking the Chinese clone which is currently account for some 30% of ethereum’s capacity.

The stats, therefore, might be a bit of an underestimate, but still show some reasonable activity according to data provided by DappRadar.

That’s showing a somewhat stable ~10,000 daily active dapp users, with a high of 32,000 reached just this May.

Dapp daily users.

For the amount of eth sent, the high was just this July. On the 21st of that month, almost 100,000 eth was sent to dapps.

That translates to around $30 million at current prices, with the more stable levels of $3 million a day translating to circa $1 billion a year.

Dapp usage in eth amounts.

Those are some significant numbers at this MS Paint stage of eth development when most dapps are barely months old and plenty have not yet even launched in addition to capacity currently being somewhat limited.

Akasha, for example, is still on testnet. That’s a Facebook 3.0 sort of thing, with plenty of projects that ICOed last year and continue to ICO or raise funds from VCs still very much in development.

A number of projects have however launched and have delivered on their ICO promises, so giving dapp first ethereans a place to go.

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