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New Nvidia GPUs Might Challenge Eth Asics


Nvidia has announced their new RTX 20 series which they say has six times the performance of previous Nvidia GPUs.

The flagship RTX 2080 Ti has a memory of 11 gigabyte at a speed of 14 Gbps and bandwidth at 616 GB/s with a 12 nanometer chip.

According to Techradar’s hands on review: “GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is already looking like the world’s most powerful graphics card in the world.”

RTX20 series specs.

What result they would give for mining is unclear at this stage, but low end estimates are at around 85 MH/s with optimistic estimates being at around 120 MH/s to 140 MH/s after boosting.

That compares to current GPUs which go up to around 30 MH/s and circa 50 MH/s or so with some boosting:

GPUs benchmarks.

Bitmain eth asics, on the other hand, go up to 190 MH/s with each costing $1,262, just above RTX 2080 Ti that’s currently at $1,200 while RTX 2080 is at $800.

Asics, however, can only be used for one thing with their re-sale value very low if any, while GPUs have many use cases, including gaming, image rendering and so on.

But the current price does appear to be very high for gamers, which Nvidia says is their target audience. We asked them what performance miners might expect from the new GPUs, but have received no response at the time of publishing.

We will have to wait for actual mining stats until they ship and get tested by miners, with the current estimates potentially off either way.

But beyond ethereum, there are many other coins that can be mined with GPU. Moreover, AMD will probably follow with a new generation too, so ethereum miners might have to keep up with the ever growing hashrate.

That’s as in addition to Bitmain and other asics manufacturers, traditional companies may have seen a lucrative shovels selling market, although gaming does still remain a far bigger cash cow, but gaming never sent GPUs out of stock as miners did last year.



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  1. 140 MH/s requires memory bandwidth above 1120 GB/s. Seems impossible for 2080Ti which has ‘only’ 616 GB/s max.

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