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Vitalik Buterin Calls on Bitcoin Cash to “Ostracize” Craig Wright While Bitcoin Unlimited Launches Compromise Client


Vitalik Buterin, ethereum’s co-founder, has chimed into a debate in Bitcoin Cash where it appears a split might be on the table. Buterin said:

“The BCH community should NOT compromise with Craig Wright to ‘avoid a split’ and should embrace it as an opportunity to conclusively ostracize and reject him.

Bitcoin Craig (BCC) can go take the ticker symbol from the now-defunct cryptocurrency to which it is a fitting successor.”

Haipo Yang, Founder and CEO of ViaBTC and CoinEx, retweet the above statement with apparent approval, stating: “Bitcoin Cash Classic (BCC) also is a good name.”

Andrew Stone, lead dev at Bitcoin Unlimited, said regarding recent discussions on what changes to include in the planned November fork:

“I can only sadly conclude that this is again about power and ego not about technical merit and end user adoption.”

He further said Bitcoin Unlimited will offer all choices, so that miners/users can choose just what they’d like in their node.

How this will be done exactly considering most of the proposals are hardforks, is unclear, but Stone says: “Run Bitcoin Unlimited to vote for compromise.”

The nice slogan was followed by a statement from the Craig Wright affiliated Coingeek, a BCH miner with some 30% of the hashrate.

They said a miners meeting is to be held on the 30th of August where Coingeek is to explain their position and perhaps present their new planned client, BitcoinSV. Calvin Ayre, Coingeek founder, said:

​”Anyone who does not agree with Satoshi Vision is welcome to fork off to their own new path. Any forks from the Satoshi Vision path will not be Bitcoin and will have to come up with some other name for their fork.”

Peter Tschipper, a Bitcoin Unlimited developer, said: “There is an upcoming face to face happening with the big names.

Can’t say more but for now I think everyone, (ABC, nChain, BU and others) has publicly put out their thoughts and ideas on the Nov fork, and now it’s time to find the solution that the majority hash power can agree to, whatever that may be.”

One absent figure in all this is Roger Ver. He has made no comment as far as we can see, with Ver previously pictured in a friendly manner with Ayre and Wright.

Ver controls r/btc. There, some apparent sockpupetting campaign has been going on for months to prop up Wright.

That appears to have been at least partially successful as this August 30th meeting will now give Craig Wright a “seat” at the “table.”

Something which might turn out to be a grave mistake because it might alienate many people that might start to think BCH has gone off the rail by continuing to give any ear to Wright.

The role of Bitcoin Unlimited in all this is unclear. They received some funding from the Craig Wright affiliated nChain, but Peter Rizun, Chief Scientist at BU, had a public falling out with Wright.

They appear to have subtly backed Wright on canonical ordering, with some apparent tension brewing up between BitcoinABC and BU for some time.

ABC is funded by miners as far as we are aware, so they have some significant resources, but the picture is getting far too complex in Bitcoin Cash and they don’t appear to be very united.

It seems like there’s some sort of posturing and positioning going on, with a lot of dangers ahead for BCH as they could lose significant support if they make some wrong moves, like giving Wright a say in its direction.



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