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Bitcoin Cash Mines a 13MB Block


The biggest block ever, by any public blockchain, has been mined today with some 10% of eth’s all daily transactions, at around 60,000 txs, included in just one block of more than 13 megabyte.

Bitmain’s mined the block today at around 2PM London time as Bitcoin Cashers stress test their network to see just how much capacity it can really handle.

Some of the biggest public blockchain blocks mined by Bitcoin Cash on September first 2018.

As can be seen, Bitcoin Cash mined a number of pretty big blocks, with the second biggest so far being a 10MB block by Craig Wright’s BMG Pool.

BMG and Coingeek appeared to have a soft limit of 2MB for quite some time. That’s the default soft limit in current BCH clients, but it seems they then modified it to allow for bigger blocks.

More than a million transactions have been mined during the past 24 hours in BCH, with the number continuing to increase, but some of the infrastructure has come under pressure. Peter Tschipper, a developer for one of the BCH clients, Bitcoin Unlimited (BU), says:

“All my nodes are up and running although on of my old 32 bit machine can’t keep up with txn rates. Other’s are fine and just hit 120txn/sec… but looking at node counts, seems we did lose one or two.

I have one solid report of a node crash but that was a non release node. ABC node counts have gone down quite a bit, by over 100, not sure what’s up there.”

Current BCH nodes stats.

Some block explorers and visualizers went down. Txhighway, for example, was showing almost no BCH activity while thousands of transactions were being made. There was further a gap in new blocks, which might have been due to variance, with Antpool then mining a 67KB block. Christoph Bergmann from BU says:

“My node works fine. little cpu spikes after 13mb block, but most work came from having txhighway / -street tabs open.

Graphene is running, shows a 95% compression rate. Blockdozer is down since ~60 blocks, running bitprim. What an exciting event.”

Tschipper further says his node “downloaded the 12MB block in 2 seconds, and processed in 1.6 seconds. Still that seems slow by historical, usually it’s sub second for both.”

Bitcoin Cash stress test visualized, Sep 1 2018.

The stress test is on-going and has in a way just begun with its “official” start at 12UTC today, although plenty have been making stress test transactions since midnight on September the 1st.

It probably won’t be known until at least tomorrow how the network will handle big blocks, but so far it seems to be running somewhat fine at least up to 13MB which is the biggest block we have seen so far at the time of writing.



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