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Craig Wright Blocks Roger Ver


Craig Wright has today blocked Roger Ver for unclear reasons following a meeting of Bitcoin Cash miners and developers in Bangkok yesterday.

“I didn’t unfollow him. He blocked me,” Roger Ver said after others pointed out to a twitter notification that said Roger Ver had unfollowed Craig Wright.

“He blocked me, but I don’t know the reason,” Roger Ver said, with someone speculating on whether it was perhaps because of whatever might have gone down in Bangkok. Ver said:

“Craig didn’t even attend 95% of the meeting. He left almost immediately after his own presentation. Calvin Ayre didn’t attend at all.”

Jonald Fyookball, who was in attendance at the meeting, said: “While ABC dev Shammah Chancellor was speaking, Dr. Wright suddenly decided to leave the conference, exclaiming ‘Lies and Bullshit!'” He adds:

“I honestly do not remember much of the rest of the Q&A, as this disruption was quite distracting, although other nChain representatives denied that the ABC answer was ‘bullshit.'”

Some, including Ver himself, speculated Wright blocked him for a tweet Ver made yesterday saying: “Patents are an illegitimate government granted monopoly.”

Craig Wright and his affiliated companies claim to have secured many patents with Wright waving them around during a recent protocol discussion on BCH’s November fork.

Someone who appears to have connection to Wright’s view, however, says: “He blocked you because you appear to be dead set on ABC’s roadmap.”

The main Bitcoin Cash client, BitcoinABC, has proposed a number of highly technical upgrades to BCH to which no one objected in devs meetings when they were discussed some months ago.

All of it is now ready to go, but once they publicized what they had been working on and thus on what is to be expected for the upgrade, Wright took issue with their claim that some of the changes would make zero confirmed transactions more secure.

From there Wright seemingly developed a complete narrative whereby ABC, the client which led the BCH fork during August last year, was somehow a new BCH Blockstream with a fork of Omni somehow becoming a second layer only direction and with a data compressions proposal first put forth by Gavin Andresen somehow becoming segwit itself.

That alerted many to the fact Wright, through a slow boiling frog method, had somehow not only gained a seat in protocol discussions when it seems like Craig Wright is not even able to code, but his voice had in fact become so loud he thought he could dictate protocol discussions.

Wright’s abuse of that “seat” led to a situation where a somewhat messy split in BCH was on the table with its messiness primarily because some from Bitcoin Unlimited had, at least implicitly, aided Wright in his arguments against the ABC proposals to which no one objected, including Wright’s nChain, when they were put forth.

Ver maintained neutrality through those public discussions, but appears no longer able to do so, leaving Wright with no backing whatever after what must be a blunder from his point of view in significantly overestimating his position.

nChain is now probably tainted with him too, which may mean, if he is to retain any tiny relevance, that he may need to fork off to his own BSV coin where he can keep claiming he is Nakamoto even though he doesn’t seem to know how to code or how to put a sentence together.

If the rest of BCH remain united, then such split should be easy to see down, but even then the minority coin can be expected to reach what would probably feel like a scary 0.5 of the majority coin, for a very brief period, going by past such splits.

That may well be for the better since otherwise Wright might completely subvert proper protocol development in BCH, but how this will go down now remains to be seen.



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    1. I’d block them both !!

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