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Craig Wright Supporters Caught Conspiring to Vote Bot Manipulate Reddit


“Always think critically and independently. There are various bad actors here trying to manipulate this sub in different ways (using bots, editing posts, abusing others, etc).”

So says a moderator of BCH’s most prominent public forum, r/btc, after showing a conversation from the censored Craig Wright supporting slack channel.

Craig Wright supporters conspiring to manipulate reddit, September 2018.

Vote manipulation is against the reddit rules and attracts a permanent ban, including potentially even an IP ban. Other forms of misleading manipulation can also attract a ban, such as gaining votes by posting agreeable content that is then edited to push an agenda.

That’s what ancapjeremy, known as grumpyanarchist on reddit, allegedly did in at least one of his post in line with the advice he gives above.

Manipulation through comment edits, September 2018.

As can be seen, he makes a general, somewhat divisive, post that nonetheless plays to the audience, with an edit then included that has almost nothing to do with the upvoted post.

The effect created there is the illusion of agreement as a bypasser might think there is at least some level of support for his edited statement, when in fact there might be effectively none.

This deceptive tactic may give more weight to suspicions that paid PR firms are involved, with both grumpyanarchist and cryptorebel finding themselves in almost every thread and at almost all times.

Moreover, an additional illusion here might be the amount of karma points these accounts have. While plenty of new accounts with an apparent agenda are being made, there are also some accounts which previously appeared to have a normal “life,” but then all the sudden turn into one issue accounts or agenda pushing accounts.

Then, of course, there are the actual bots with a Craig Wright supporter seemingly caught red handed utilizing them:

Craig Wright supporters allegedly vote bot manipulating.

The redditor here has somehow gained 21 votes in a very short time, and has done so twice, with the above two threads made within two minutes of each other.

The suggestion is that the same exact number of votes for both threads which are barely two minutes apart indicates they are fake votes.

The evidence for it is circumstantial in this case, but Reddit admins should be able to determine, at least on the balance of probabilities, whether the votes were fake or not.



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