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Bulls Go Into Hiding as Bears Conquer Crypto Land


After months of battle, bulls have been slaughtered. What remains of that rare species is now deep in hiding in remote mountains.

Some bulls betrayed their kin, bear turned at the first whim. Some bravely fought, until the last drop. Yet the bear army was far too great, all bulls now decimate.

They came as if from no where. An arrow here. A watchtower there. Some whisper of betrayal. Bull leaders to bear.

They came slowly too, almost unnoticeably. A little subversion here. A little bull corrupted there. A little sabotage in pockets everywhere.

Bulls suspected nothing. Cheery and happy they went on serenely enjoying their dominions. There were whispers, but no one believed. The existence of bears had almost completely been forgot.

Yet, as time went on, the bear advance became more clear, until eventually a little bull shouted: bear army! Panic greeted all, running to and fro, chaos everywhere, brief peace disrupted.

Demoralized after an advance that was badly defeated, bulls no longer take a stand. Join the bear army or join the mountains was the question in everyone’s mind.

The proles, the corporations, the businesses, caved in first. Little care in their mind who rules their land as long as they keep doing what they did. Something which the bears could not abide, giving them a slap here and there, ransacking a business now and then.

The best of this bull generation had fled. Some stayed to subvert the bears, mounting plausibly deniable resistance acts here and there, keeping a network on the ground, spies for mountain lands.

Mountains where sadness rains. So many had lost so much. You recall when… they would say now and then, to cheer themselves a little bit as fine wine is replaced with ramen.

I’m sick of this, a young bull says. Why can’t we take them head on, beat them at their game? Which! -jumpingly standing up says another youngster. The farming bears? The initial bear businesses? Or the early bear supporters?

Patience, says the elder, time is on our side. Nonsense – the teenager – we could strike. If you do now, young bull says, you better not miss milky lips. They have the place surrounded, how you plan to strike anyone.

Like they did, slowly, unnoticeably, chip, chip, chip, says young bull. We staying here doing what? Nothing while bears ravage our lands!

The halving will save us, the wisest of them shouts. We’ll starve until then, the young man retorts out. Then go and see the enemy, come back with a strategy.

Brave young warrior, under the cover of night, to subverting bull house, his journey safe and sound. As woman there disguised to freely walk around the bear town.

We were once singing happy, now they take our money, he overhears a bull bear say. They told us more bears are coming, many sold it all, fleeing to other countries, a bear subverter told.

The streets were almost empty, bear towers watching all, but at times bears went to party, drinking wine, music galore. Then they could speak more freely, a drunkard so shouting: they took my farm.

Shh, says his friend. Yours too! – he shouts. We’ll get through it, the soften words as the drunkard is carried home. At the party, one discovery. There weren’t many bears at all. In disguise, flirting young brave warrior asks where are they now.

Oh, they’re around, the reply of bear man. All are bear look around, ha, ha, ha. Most looked bullbear, few the ones of the true bear kind.

Too risky – the first reply at bull headquarters. Let them wear it out, they’ll call for us, another reply. Cunning bears may have double spies, all a trick to make themselves look weak, a third reply.

We can hold them here, says an elder. Maybe their army is too big and they can advance some more, but we can try to hold them here, he ponders.

Yeeees, but our men are weak, says another. We risk them we’re left with nothing. We could however incite the bullbears, or maybe steal their produce. Young warrior says they’ve placed everything in a valley called shortsland.

We could burn it. Says another. Heavily guarded, says young warrior. Two bulls, one from each side, through the waterways, could be done, says the general.

It’s burned then what, they all starve. Why not chip, chip, feed our bulls, throw it to the masses, elder intervenes.

They have alliances, says young warrior, bears unseen, in walltown, they randomly appear to keep bulls down. One operation might not do much, sustained subversion should be on the cards.

Then draw the designs, we can afford some young ones, see how it all pans out, bears might be complacent, so why not try. It may take time, but time is on our side.

So thus concludes an imaginary meeting, in an imaginary land, where so decided to go our mind. Obviously none of it means anything, and as for price, that thing can go up or down, not something for us.

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