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Devcon IV Sells Out in Seconds


Devcon tickets have now sold out with three waves finished in seconds as 900 tickets are sold to the general public and what may well be bots.

An “appeal” process has now been implemented whereby an undisclosed number of tickets are to ostensibly randomly be given out to those who register before September 17th.

About 3,000 individuals are expected to descent at the Prague Congress Centre starting this October 30th with the vast majority of tickets, costing some €1,000, reserved for builders.

Little information is currently known about ethereum’s biggest event and about what may well be the biggest blockchain/crypto event of 2018.

No agenda has yet been published. We do not know who are the sponsors. We do not know who will be in attendance, but one would think most of who’s who will be there.

In those four days we should learn plenty with this being very much the make or break Devcon as ethereum’s price continues to show some weakness.

Price which devs says is not within their consideration, but after the surprise announcement buried within reddit whereby they shocked everyone in stating the contract casper plans had been shelved, they do have some explaining to do.

That may include how such decision was made, why, why was it not more gently communicated, when is beacon Casper to roughly, but realistically, be expected, when sharding, and so on.

That is probably what most will primarily focus on because 2019 is now almost here and the year of action does eventually need some action.

What we’ll also focus on is whether they can top Edcon, our favorite blockchain conference ever, by far. We doubt they would be able to do so, and for that we won’t fault them much, but if they do, we would be impressed.

The end of year conference is very much a time to look at what was and what is planned, with many looking at it as a fun opportunity, which hopefully it will be, but there are also serious elements in that one does now need to deliver.

Because in many ways this space has perhaps seen no more important conference in the nearly 10 years of blockchain than Devcon IV.

It is here where we may learn just where all stand. Whether coders have perhaps lost themselves in some maze of sorts, or instead have made some utterly smart decisions.

For the ecosystem is somewhat on edge right now, hearing of beacon asics and overall being somewhat cloudy on just where things stand. Making this event the right opportunity to get eth back on a speeding track, for it has been on the turtle lane for much of this year as far as protocol development is concerned.

Not all is just protocol development, however. Devcon in a way is a festival of sorts. It is only the fourth such conference. Just about a toddler.

Hopefully it will grow into a big, successful, intelligent young man, with all free to get a glimpse of him or her (if you prefer) as Prague is pretty welcoming.

You don’t need to have a conference ticket to go roaming around with Status so preparing a hackathon and a general hanging out event during Devcon.

There may be others who put up such events to inclusively embrace all who want to be part of the feels of the make or break Devcon 2018.



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