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650,000 ETH Betting on Bitfinex, $100 Million Worth of Bitcoin Shorts Added


Not far off from close to 1% of all ethereum’s supply is currently betting long or short on just one exchange as it appears bulls and bears have declared a war of sorts.

◊264,000 eth bears are betting short right now. Making it the highest level of shorts ever seen by eth, with about ◊50,000 added just in the past 24 hours.

Ethereum shorts on daily candles, September 2018

As bear rage climbs up the stairs, bulls are piling up on ammo, with green candles reaching the stratosphere, putting Musk and his Mars mission to shame.

An incredible ◊414,000 longs were waving the flag before ◊70,000 of them gave up. For those who somehow lost their way to these pages, that means 70,000 eth was sold by longs closing or getting margin called.

Yet bulls in rage jumped by ◊50,000 since yesterday, then gave up ◊30,000 in perhaps market selling during the past few hours as ethereum tests its recently retaken $200.

Ethereum long on daily candles, September 2018

Grandpa bitcoin may be to blame. Even as eth puts up a fight with its attitude intact, grumpy turtle running scared of that damned gox again.

From the grave gox so rises to keep haunting little ₿ orange so that they can say again oh the goxing will never end.

Near all time high bitcoin stands, but in shorts it is this time not in prices, as bear bets almost double with more than $100 million worth of bitcoin added this September.

Bitcoin shorts on daily candles, September 2018

Borrowed bears bitcoin have, sold it all in the hope it falls, with bulls here not even playing, given up, bitcoin longs now just falling:

Bitcoin longs on daily candles, September 2018

Ah, of course, CBOE futures expire within 24 hours. Wall Street tricks to their own old game again, short prior to the expiry, long afterwards, repeat and ???profit.

It’s as if some collusion in their little cubicles. Yes, Alex Jones our newest journalist. Everyone wearing tinfoil hats now at Trustnodes’ headquarters.

It is probably more true however than goxers suddenly selling en-masse the coins they’ve all probably written off and don’t yet have. And if even thus, what that has to do with eth?

Nada. Traders’ games. They can enjoy them until stake with bacon, and then even Wall Street can go back where it came from.

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