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Dodgers Crypto Tokens Selling Out For 0.1 ETH


The first ever baseball tokenized cards by a major sports team are already finding their way onto eBay where they’re going for around $25 or 0.1 eth at current prices.

There’s a number of listings, each attracting around 10 bids, with none yet finalized as far as we are aware, so it remains to be seen at what price they will actually be sold.

Dodgers Crypto Tokens listed on eBay, Sep 2018.

These cards were given out for free to those who attended a Dodgers match (featured image) on the 21st of September, with 40,000 baseball fans receiving one.

A decent video shows many queuing up to pick the card. They appear to be doing something with their phones, presumably validating that they have a ticket to the match. Then they’re allowed in and given the card as of right.

The card itself is an ethereum wallet which further contains a tokenized baseball digital card built on ethereum’s ERC-721 standard for unique tokens. It shows an ethereum public key on the front, and the private key on the back hidden behind a scratcher.

It is the first time ever that an ethereum wallet, or even a crypto wallet, has been given out in such fashion and at such scale.

The closest to it is BitPay’s Bitcoin Bowl in 2014, but that didn’t have such cool swag as an eth wallet with a tokenized card.

Yet that Bowl is symbolic as the moment bitcoin started to go mainstream in awareness, with it then becoming a household name in 2017.

Ethereum, in contrast, is hardly known by the general public. If you went to Times Square, for example, and asked passers by what is ethereum, you might get some funny answers, no answers, and perhaps eventually manage to find someone who can give the right answer.

It may well be, therefore, that the Dodgers’ giveaway of the tokenized baseball cards might turn out as the one event to point out of when eth started going mainstream in awareness.

That’s if, of course, it does do so, but beyond the symbolism, this sounds like a decent use case to engage fans, to look modern, and to look cool.

A physical card or even a physical bobblehead figure might be one thing, but a digital tokenized card is quite another if for nothing else than because it is new.

They could have gone even further and could have had on the front the image, so that it looks like any physical card, with the public and private key then on the back to transform it into its digital version.

The cost for this, as far as the digital aspect is concerned, is pretty much nothing except for the dev skills to code the smart contract which in a way is just a template that any webdev can implement and incorporate after spending a bit of time to brush up his/her skills by perhaps going to Solidity school.

So something similar can be done for say airline point, keeping the physical version if one wants, then adding the digital version to it. People could then sell them if they like, or buy them, so making such points a bit more appealing.

The opportunities are endless in many ways because now such little swags or rewards can be digitized and so made more relevant to a digital generation.

Making this one small step for Dodgers and a big step for ethereum and the digital age as independently a pretty neat use-case is  shown in some fashion.



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