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Cryptos Handling More Trading Volumes Than the London Stock Exchange and Deutsche Börse Combined


Cryptos have now become so liquid they’re handling more in trading volumes than the stock markets of some of the world’s biggest economies.

Bitcoin alone is currently handling nearly as much monthly trading volumes as Germany’s biggest stock exchange, Deutsche Börse.

While Ethereum’s trading volumes are just about the same level as Australia’s biggest stock exchange, with Tether surpassing Switzerland.

Top cryptos by monthly trading volumes.

According to data from Coinmarketcap, all cryptos in combination have handled $386 billion in trading volumes for the month.

London’s Stock exchange, in contrast, has handled $219 billion according to Wikipedia. While Germany’s Deutsche Börse managed just $140 billion.

Making it a combined $359 billion for two of europe’s biggest stock exchanges and for some of the world’s biggest stock markets.

Top stock exchanges by volumes, Sep 2018.

NYSE and NASDAQ are handling considerably more, above a trillion, but Japan is not far off from being overtaken by cryptos, and even Shanghai is within reach.

The open nature of cryptos and the ease of access, to the point of just one click, has increased volumes to such levels many cryptos rank higher than the top stocks by rankings volumes as can be seen in our market data page:

Top stocks by volumes, Sep 2018.

The current highest ranking stock by volumes is General Electric, which handled $148 million in trading volumes.

Zcash is currently handling more, at $161 million, and even ETC just about surpasses it at $150 million for the past 24 hours.

The world’s biggest stock by market cap, Apple, handled just $27 million in trading volumes, less than the top 21 cryptos ranked by trading volumes.

This considerable difference between stocks and cryptos as far as trading volumes are concerned may be due to the global nature of cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Stocks, moreover, are hard to access. You have to go through brokers with the process often feeling like the 90s paper shuffling.

While cryptos are digital, easily movable across the globe in seconds, quickly exchangeable with anyone anywhere as long as they have internet access.

So making them very convenient and therefore considerably more liquid than any stock, and more liquid even than all of the publicly traded companies of some of the biggest economies.



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  1. Is this some sort of a sick joke?
    You do realize that not all shares are equally priced right?

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