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Liqui Accused of Scamming After Delisting BAT, Melon and Many Cryptos


A small exchange handling about $7 million in daily trading volumes has surprised many by announcing they are to delist a number of tokens and cryptos. They say:

“We are announcing that on September 28, 2018 at 12: 00 UCT we will be delisting folowing assets: CFI, TAAS, EDG, MCO, MGO, WAVES, BAT, MLN, TKN, MYST, ICN, TIME, REQ…

Once the withdrawal deadline has been reached (October 13, 2018 at 12: 00 UCT), withdrawals will be disabled and the asset will be fully decommissioned.

From this point forward, we will be unable to process withdrawals of impacted assets.

It is imperative that customers withdraw delisted tokens by the withdrawal deadline. Please note that this deadline also applies to previously delisted assets, such as VET, EOS.”

They’ve delisted EOS as Liqui did not support its token migration to mainnet this summer. Presumably the same reason was given for VET, but no reason has been given for the newest tokens, some of which have trading volumes of about $70,000 a day.

We’ve asked for clarification, but the Ukrain based exchange (team pictured) has not replied at the time of writing.

They have however faced many complaints accusing them of scamming. Some for example apparently have not received their EOS, while others say support doesn’t help.

Liqui user complaints, September 2018.

The centralized exchange claims to have 290,000 users, with 1,000 of them currently online at the time of writing.

They say after October 13th users will no longer be able to withdraw the delisted cryptos, with it unclear as to who exactly gets to keep the funds. They say:

“Please withdraw your token from the exchange prior to the withdrawal deadline. After this date, we will be unable to help effectuate withdrawals from the exchange.

As such, users should withdraw any delisted tokens that they have before the withdrawal deadline.”

There are some complaining they have asked for withdrawals 24 hours ago and have not yet received their assets, potentially due to increased withdrawals volumes.



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  1. It took 2 months to withdraw my SALT coins from them. Meanwhile price dropped more than 50%. And I could not cancel the withdraw and do anything with my tokens. As soon as I got my coins I logged out and will never use them. I would not be surprised if they exit scam…

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