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Ethtrader Hitting Resistance at 200,000



Ethtrader is about to cross 200,000 subscribers, but for days it has stood just below it, currently needing only 170 people to hit that milestone.

Ethtrader subscribers, September 2018.

That’s up by about 23,000 since March, with ethtrader’s subscribers increasing for much of this year.

After it was created in 2015, it grew to about 1,000 subscribers in a year to 2016, and now just about to cross 200,000.

Ethtrader stats up to March 2018.

Subscribers growth stats unfortunately only go up to March as RedditMetrics has stopped updating, but that line above would keep maintaining its momentum upwards as ethtrader subscribers have only known up.

They come mainly for the daily general discussion where such fine conversations are had such as how to burry an eth private key as a treasure trove of sorts for 1,000 years.

Ethtrader burying treasure, Sep 2018.

We’d go with the Facebook suggestion, but diamond engraving sounds cool while carving it in gold might be slightly more practical.

Yet that’s nothing compared to the next challenge: storing your whole DNA on ethereum’s blockchain. For aliens to find it presumably, in case humans go extinct yet some node somehow still keeps running?

Then the alien can clone the human from the blockchenized DNA, thus starting life again? An act of such magic that turns the computer which was running the node into an object of worship?

So starting a religion of science, based on objectivity, on creativity, on mythologizing the pioneers? The ending? Well this movie sounds so good we certainly don’t want to spoil it. Back to earth (sort of):

Ethtrader’s DNA on the blockchain, Sep 2018.

Just half a million? One could of course use IPFS or Swarm but might not be as romantic as making all nodes have this human’s DNA.

Like clockwork, although he was a bit early once. Sep 2018.

So many memories have been formed in those daily pages. When chaos had engulfed r/ethereum over arguments regarding the DAO fork in 2016, what may have been PR machines were not very aware of the existence of ethtrader.

The latter thus was an oasis of sorts, a little spot of sanity which became more and more fun as the bull run of spring 2017 gained heat.

So many jokes, so many dreams shared in that little, global, exclusive (in awareness), public congregation of ethereans.

Just as the depth of the pit during summer 2018 made the place close to unbearable. Now, they’re starting to get a bit happy again, coupled with intermissions by bears and in a rarity of sorts for such a long time, by noobs who so innocently ask such questions as: if supply goes down while demand remains constant, that means price up, right?

This being ethtrader, there was someone to say yes, there was someone to say no, and there was someone to say maybes. With the noob saying: exactly, that’s what I thought. Econ 101.



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