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Bill Clinton’s Speech at Ripple’s Invite-Only “Conference” Won’t Be Published


The biggest crypto-speech ever since bitcoin’s invention may have no trace as Ripple has stated they will publish all videos except the one with former US President Bill Clinton and his then advisor Gene Sperling.

Ripple has stated there will be no livestream, but they will publish video segments potentially on the same day or shortly thereafter. They will not, however, publish the keynote speech. The say:

Ripple statement on Bill Clinton’s speech, Oct 2018.

This is an invite only event, not open to the public. Who has been invited exactly is unclear. Just as it is unclear whether any reporters have been asked to attend the first day.

The agenda lists Robert Hackett of Fortune as speaker for tomorrow, but whether he will be there today for Bill Clinton’s Keynote Speech and whether he will freely be able to report on it is unclear.

Just as it is unclear whether there will be any journalists at all to hear and report on Clinton’s speech later today starting at 11AM San Francisco time.

Ripple’s invite only “conference,” October 2018.

This exclusive event is apparently just for bankers with the unwashed masses locked out of whatever might go on behind closed doors.

Why they took this decision is unclear, with plenty of crypto conferences functioning perfectly fine while open to all who wish to attend.

Just as it is unclear why they have splashed Bill Clinton’s face all over the place when no one will be able to even hear what he will say or see his speech, except for the bankers in attendance.

Ripple itself, of course, holds some 60 billion XRP. Its price rose in the past few days, probably in anticipation of this conference, by some 4x at one point.

It then retraced somewhat, but currently ripple is just about the same market cap as the open smart contracts public blockchain, ethereum.

Their announcement of Bill Clinton as keynote speaker was surprising to many and even shocking. Now that they won’t publish the speech, it may seem more of a cheap marketing gimmick.

A terrible art Ripple is known to use often, presumably to hype up their 60 billion XRP holdings which they keep liquidating every month.

Last year, for example, Ripple begun a countdown in a very public manner without giving any hints as to what was to be expected except that an announcement was coming.

Then they announced the Swell conference to the disappointment of many who expected far more than just a conference out of the hype they created.

Now they’ve made this astonishing announcement that Bill Clinton is to attend after Ripple probably paid for the speech in a cheap marketing gimmick.

Yet us plebs won’t even be able to hear what the former president says, with it reserved just for the bankers like in the old ways of legacy finance.

Last year they had Ben Bernanke and Tim Bern Lee, but they posted no video of either. To top up Bill Clinton they”ll now have to invite the queen, but of course no videos.

We thus have to trust them, just as XRP users have to trust Ripple with not freezing funds or reversing them as it did in 2015.



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