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BitTorrent to Incorporate Tron For Payments


The world’s biggest peer to peer file sharing programm with 100 million users has today announced Project Atlast which they describe as:

“Project Atlas will connect the BitTorrent peer-to-peer network and the TRON blockchain network via a set of bittorrent protocol extensions, a custom token, and an in-client token economy to address existing limitations and open a new borderless economy for exchanging value for computer resources on a global scale.”

Those many words were translated by Justin Knoll, Project Atlas Lead, who in a video says BitTorrent will soon allow users to pay for faster downloads with seeders/uploaders receiving Tron for making the files available.

Knoll says even before they were acquired by Tron for an undisclosed amount, BitTorrent used to incentivize uploaders by offering them higher downloading speeds.

Now they are taking it further and are incorporating monetary aspects into the protocol through Tron’s public blockchain.

Knoll says ¬†users don’t have to pay with Tron to download files. They don’t even have to update to the newest client as it is backwards compatible.

He says the new functionalities are fully optionals and voluntary with BitTorrent users free to continue as before or free to ignore the payment function.

When this will be launched is unclear with the project just announced recently, but this incorporation of crypto into a major well known platform is a first of its kind, as is the optional aspect.

Tron itself has been highly criticized for, among many things, plagiarizing its whitepaper. The Tron blockchain, moreover, uses Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS), which makes it, at best, a hybrid public-private blockchain as it has very few validators so requiring a degree of trust.

Yet they are at least doing something with their blockchain and the hundreds of millions they raised in an ICO last year. Unlike, say, EOS, which after raising $4 billion has failed to deliver much.

Tron, in contrast, is seemingly actually moving towards their promises of a blockchain for the entertainment industry, such as movies and so on, with BitTorrent appearing to be at the centre of it.

They have now quite a bit of competition, like flushed with cash TaTaTu which likewise is planing to launch a blockchenized entertainment platform on ethereum.

Making this recent announcement by Tron and BitTorrent somewhat interesting as there is a significant opportunity to blockchenize the entertainment industry, but whether they can deliver and whether they can execute, remains to be seen.



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