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1,000 Developers Hacking Ethereum in San Francisco


San Francisco, the centre of the 60s cultural revolution, is currently housing 1,000 developers who are plotting to hack eth at the Palace of Fine Arts.

In a secret congregation, they gather to discuss a great conspiracy which plans to usher a digital world under the people’s control.

Some chat about general mining.

Amid numerous ideas expressed by the young and old, there is a break for a religious sermon that has one command: Know Thy User.

What this means precisely remains a mystery, a metaphors of sorts, condensed knowledge of old that us mortals can not unfold.

EthBerlin organizer takes the stage.

A far more daring speech is being made in another gathering. A hyper-millennial tells the audience: the bots are coming.

ETHGlobal’s Liam Horne giving a presentation on state channels.

A revolution, however, must have a counter-revolution. Without competition, there can be no advancement. Thus a counter plot unfolding in some corner:

Brave Browser’s BAT booth.

Tensions rise between the camps as the young ones take arms. Defend eth, their rallying shout, to war two tribes.

The eth defenders, or something about Kyber integration with Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

Who will win to come on top, take our hearts, take the world? In this game of digital code, let the winner rise above.

So spectators watch suspended, at the cross roads of stories to be told as the young’s revolt gears up for the new digital world.

Hackathon prospective partners waiting for a bride.

And while it all unfolds, to the origins a speaker takes all. At the beginning, there were atoms. Then, a mutation into entropy occurred. Since that split, a mighty secret race has unfolded.

Our weapon against entropy is code, he tells a still audience. We must increase our capabilities through the delegation of our faculties so that we extend ourself to the point from one we create an army and with many such armies so subdue entropy and ensure this green and pleasant living.

Erik Saberski of XYO Developers presenting on “Connecting Blockchain to the Real World.”

As always, while the plotters plot in the back allies of gallery lots, the masses are far more concerned with more mundane thoughts.

Yet in their lack of care they can still help not to support their revolting boys and girls with silly merchandises of sorts.

Comoooon keeper of the house, twastnodes articles worth way more than one shirt, at least one eth. Not that we’d fall so low, work of luv.

So thus they went on hacking, under the all watchful eye, secretly conspiring, very much in broad daylight.

For the pleasure of our times, and generations to come around, as they face a mighty new paradigm where man can create a very primitive version of himself, we so fondly call a little bot running on eth and our nodes.

Eth San Francisco hackathon, October 2018.

It is the case that much of the above is not real at all, satire or a joke, art, complete fiction told. That’s where inspiration and imagination decided to go, thus there we went.

Not one word – and truly – is meant to imply anything at all. There is no undercurrent. Just a narration that may be slightly unfair to some, but someone had to fit that role.

This hackathon is currently on-goin, and is the latest of a new development that begun this year to expand the very successful ETHWaterloo hackathon across the world.

They still haven’t made it to London, but they’ve been to many cities, with San Francisco, the world’s tech capital, the latest stop.

Going by the images, which is the only real thing in this entire article, the event looks not just successful but inspiring, with much of it on livestream and of course on twitter.

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