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Will Satoshi Nakamoto Tweet Today?


Kids. They’re going around saying the Economist has predicted Satoshi Nakamoto will tweet out on this very day, October the 10th 2018.

That old bastion of the industrial age is now apparently the all seeing mouthpiece of the elite’s elite, with their frontpage often courting conspiracies.

The latest is that they have predicted bitcoin, and more so, that they have predicted twitter and even have secretly revealed the name Satoshi Nakamoto in 1988.

The Economist’s apparent 1988 cover.

Takeshita Comes to Town is apparently an anagram of Satoshi Nakamoto e w t e t or Satoshi Nakamoto tweet. Ergo, he will tweet today because that says ten/10/2018 with the phi symbol in between.

Code is what bitcoin runs on, and code runs on maths, with phi being an old fascination of mathematicians and very much a symbol for maths with its golden ratio.

A world currency and bitcoin are of course a bit synonymous. Moreover, this is dated 9-15th of January 1988, but some speculate it went out to newsstands on the 3rd of January.

3rd of January 2009 is of course the day the genesis block was created. October the 31st is the day the whitepaper was published, which can thus be considered as the inception with the 3rd being the birthday.

Nakamoto is known to be symbolic in certain dates chosen. October 31st is Halloween, a day of regeneration. Ergo bitcoin, a new world.

Nakamoto’s Birthday is 5th of April 1975. On the 5th of April 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6102 to seize gold from American citizens. In 1975, that order effectively came to an end.

You’d think January the 3rd is a continuation of the regeneration narrative. A new year, a new world. But why the third and not the second or first or any other day? Maybe he got too drunk on the first, had headache on the second, or maybe this magazine cover did go out on the third.

So with everything now proven (/s), will Nakamoto tweet today? Well, if he does, no one would know unless he says he is Satoshi Nakamoto and the tweet is the signing with his private key of the genesis address.

The chances, however, are slim. Something that always applied, but now might apply even more as surely he does not want to validate this half-life nonsense. Or would that actually make it a perfect cover? We’ll know for sure soon enough.

We managed to find the article in question, or at least we think so. Obviously it has nothing to do with bitcoin, or with maths. It is more instead the espousing of a globalist agenda where all nations fall under the control of one global central bank. They say:

“Governments are far from ready to subordinate their domestic objectives to the goal of international stability.

Several more big exchange-rate upsets, a few more stockmarket crashes and probably a slump or two will be needed before politicians are willing to face squarely up to that choice.

This points to a muddled sequence of emergency followed by a patch-up followed by emergency, stretching out far beyond 2018 – except for two things.

As time passes, the damage caused by currency instability is gradually going to mount; and the very tends that will make it mount are making the utopia of monetary union feasible…

The world phoenix supply would be fxed by a new central bank, descended perhaps from the IMF. The world infation rate – and hence, within narrow margins, each national infation rate – would be in its charge…

As the next century approaches, the natural forces that are pushing the world towards economic integration will offer governments a broad choice.

They can go with the flow, or they can build barricades. Preparing the way for the phoenix will mean fewer pretended agreements on policy and more real ones.

It will mean allowing and then actively promoting the private-sector use of an international money alongside existing national monies. That would let people vote with their wallets for the eventual move to full currency union…

Pencil in the phoenix for around 2018, and welcome it when it comes.”

So in one way this has nothing to do with cryptos as they are not under the charge of any central bank, yet cryptos are global and can be an alternative for the private sector and even the public sector.

Moreover they have missed by bout a decade with bitcoin invented in 2009, but on the other hand cryptos have just recently gone mainstream so maybe not.

The Economist does however lean towards Hayek, but they do also like banks, with the paper being more of the industrial age than the digital age.

Plus the context was more towards further centralization in a world of no borders with that super centralized currency being a preamble to one global government. Rather than in speculating about a people’s money made possible through a code decentralized network. Making that article and bitcoin very much the opposites of each other.

But the cover is cool and if kids want to have a bit of fun, well it’s a slow news day so why shouldn’t we join. Keep your eyes out though, maybe Nakamoto will tweet, who knows.

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  1. Ho please! This is an alleged cover redone in color (so a fake) after a previous black and white image, fake too, which circulated in the years 2005 … time where we still knew how to use the internet to make a minimum of research. I can not wait to read your next article on the arrival of Nibiru and the forecast of a 20K bitcoin by the Mayan calendar …

      1. from 2009 : http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_Hr-HXx6H-5w/SrllYtEVk5I/AAAAAAAAA1g/tYuuivGgiKI/s400/economist+world+currency+large.jpg and this one with different titles and a barcode and of course no notation ‘2018’ visible on the coin in drawing … False everywhere … when a link will point to the bank of images of the covers from The Economist of 1988 we’ll talk about it … until then it’s worthless.

  2. Stupid fake nonsense: I just blocked your retard website from ever showing up on my feed again

    1. Did you read the full article above? He explains that he is using deep sarcasm and that the Economist article was about centralization.

  3. Takeshita is an anagram of Take a shit, which is exactly what all the markets did today.

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