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Former Rothschilds Banker Becomes Chair of an ICO


Rosamund Evelyn Blomfield-Smith (pictured in the middle), a former Executive Director at Rothschilds in the late 90s, a former Director of Corporate Finance at ING in the early 2000s, and with a long list of non-executive positions since, including at Thames Water, has become Chairwoman of an ICO-ing project.

“The PlatinumDEX founders and team have between them an enormous wealth of experience in the FINTECH sector with blue chip organisations; and are completely committed to the highest standards of corporate governance, management and customer service,” Rosamund Blomfield-Smith, now Chairwoman of PlatinumDEX, said.

The latest in a brain drain away from the old banking to the new crypto financial system? Maybe, but PlatiniumDEX sounds more of a centralized exchange than a decentralized exchange (dex). They say:

“PlatinumDEX will be hosted and maintained on our custom servers across our distributed dark sites. The exchange engine will use cutting edge technology developed after extensive R&D.

The result will be hyper-secure, high performance trading and matching. Our system is designed to auto scale so we are confident that we can handle rapid or exponential growth.”

Hyper secure, auto scale, dark sites, but centralized. Although they do say in just one sentence that “as technology develops, PlatinumDEX will evolve into a decentralised exchange.”

They apparently plan to launch a hardware wallet as well which somehow will connect to their exchange, with the whitepaper stating it will:

“Use a secure non-proprietary fully hardened operating system which is fully protected against ‘hacking’ and reverse engineering by 1024bit encryption.

Other safeguards will be built in to prevent unauthorized change and, as with the Exchange itself, any future adaptation or upgrade will go through the appropriate checks and controls post-delivery, recorded in Blockchain and held with internationally recognised and trusted third-party organizations.”

They’re based in Switzerland, with Europe much needing a nice crypto exchange, but whether former Rothschilds bankers will be able to provide it, remains to be seen.



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