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Estonia’s Government to Devcon, Cory Doctorow “Decentralize, Democratize, or Die”


The biggest blockchain coding event ever is to kick off on October 30th with “light” talks given on that day like “How To Design for Humans” and “BUIDL a Mesh Network of Human Beings.”

Halloween will be celebrated the next day with the rough agenda shouting in all caps “HELLHOUND ESCAPE GAME – A CRYPTO ADVENTURE.”

November the 1st looks like the biggest day. Cory Doctorow, of Boing Boing fame, is to hold a talk titled “Decentralize, Democratize, or Die.”

Someone from the Estonian Government will then hold a talk on something. This is the rough agenda, but Estonia is doing a lot of things on the blockchain space.

They announced last year plans to issue an ICO if you remember, with this tiny country rising to become Europe’s third top destination for ICOs after Switzerland and UK.

On the same day, Andy Milenius will present on “MakerDAO: A New Hope for Financial Reform,” after DAI sort of turned into ethereum’s poster boy this year.

We have hardly begun. There are multiple rooms with talks given in parallel. There will be multiple livestreams according to Hudson Jameson, so you might be able to watch it all from your home on about seven monitors running at the same time.

“Ethereum 2.0 randomness beacon using Verifiable Delay Functions (VDFs).” That is a talk to be given by Justin Drake who is working on sharding. Making him one of the public face of ethereum’s biggest upgrade.

Much of the presentations are “heavy.” Loads of technical stuff because this is a coders’ conference for primarily coders to get up and running on what they can do with eth or to refine what knowledge they might have.

But some talks are “lighter,” more fun or more interesting, like “Data-Driven Dapp Design” by Kevin Kim.

While some talks are intriguing, like that to be given by Jenna Zenk Mona el Isa of Melonport who tells us “Melonport will not exist by Devcon 5.”

There must be a catch somewhere because Melonport has launched in a very alpha manner as far as we are aware. With this project being kind of  like a decentralized ETF or index fund running on eth smart contracts.

Not all is talk however. While all of the above is going on, there will be a “Security Breakout Live Smart Contract Hacking.” As well as UX audits and other types of audits throughout the event.

If you’ve had too much fun, save some excitement for the final day on November 2nd when Hsiao-Wei Wang will present on “Sharding implementation updates 4Q2018.”

There will be some Casper of course. Loads of Plasmas. Plenty of SNARKs and STARKs, some ENS and even an “Ethereum 2.0/Shasper on Substrate.”

We’ve necessarily missed much, like “Deploying your first contract with Python” by Jason Carver or “Ewasm: Ethereum-flavored WebAssembly and Ethereum 2.0,” with some Raiden in the mix and plenty of state channels. As well as tutorials of sorts on Vyper and much else, plus an update on Swarm.

With much of it looking fairly accessible to anyone who is interested on building ethereum as the four day event in many ways looks like a crash course on eth with plenty there for a complete beginner as well as an expert.

Less on demos and new projects this year and more on basically welcoming the many new coders interested in this space and getting them up and running.

Making it, in some ways, a first day at work sort of thing where you get a tour of where everything is and what you can do with it all.

In addition of course to some more general talks and a bit of fun, but from the agenda this is very much a builders conference. A first class university level masters for completely free to anyone who was able to get a ticket and to the entire world as all will be livestreamed as far as we are aware.

Making it now more understandable why they were talking about scholarships and discounted or even free tickets to coders because really this may well be where it all begins for a new generation.

Of course don’t forget to check out the blockchain city presentation. That’s on November the 1st too. Big day.



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