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One Thousand Applications Made for Devcon Speaking Slots


“We received ~1,000 applications – that’s almost more than the first three devcons had in attendees,” says an ethereum Devcon4 staff member.

Many had to be rejected due to space limits, spurring up project specific events circulating around devcon.

One of them is the Web3 summit, starting on the 22nd of October. It is meant to last until the 24th of October, but practically it goes on as there will be a party train from the Web3 summit to Devcon4.

Swarm will have a mini-summit, Status will have a hackathon, Chainlink will have its own devcon, while in addition there will be the actual devcon.

Meaning you don’t really need a ticket to enjoy two or three weeks of eth coding events as so much will be going on they’ve put up a whole website called Prague Blockchain Week.

“We will be live streaming the main hall and recording 3 other rooms with talks/breakout sessions. The videos from all of the sessions will hopefully be released 2-3 weeks after the event is over,” Hudson Jameson, an eth dev, says before adding:

“We are working with an external event production team and have an internal Ethereum Foundation team of 12 people working on Devcon.”

Nearly 3,000 people are expected to attend ethereum’s biggest event ever, with a wide range of talks to be given over four days in multiple rooms.

Much is technical, with sessions like starting out with Vyper, one of ethereum’s smart contracts language.

“The event also aims to build more know-how, communications, and trust between researchers, developers, designers, and all the other builders here,” Jamie Pitts, an eth developer, says.

Suggesting that this year’s devcon is mainly targeted at coder with the aim of getting them up and running on building ethereum projects.

There will be more general talks. Like someone from Estonia’s government is to present. There will be presentations on Casper and Ethereum 2.0. Even some talks on sharding implementations.

In addition, those who could secure a ticket to the now sold out event, might be surprised by one of the unplanned talks in one of the many rooms. A Devcon organizer says:

“There are a series of smaller rooms that will be available for people to reserve for either private meetings or open conversations. The way this works will be fairly low-tech.

At each room there will be a sign-up sheet where you can reserve the room for 30-minute slots. We’re thinking of also having a big whiteboard schedule in a more visible place where you can post sessions that are open to the public to join.”

By the public the organizer presumably means people who were able to secure a ticket, which sold out in seconds.

Many events outside of Devcon are open to the public, with ethereum now growing so much that even multiple conferences running in parallel are still not sufficient to cover all the development progress.

So making Prague, at least for a week, the blockchain city where thousands from across the world will descend to attend the biggest blockchain party ever.

Anyone who is anyone will be there, from Silicon Valley, from China, from Russia, from Europe and from across the world.

Whats more, at least for some a new life may start here. They gave out scholarship tickets, some for free, to men and women capable of building a new world. They will get a crash course on eth over four days, equipping them with much of what they need to code whatever project they might dream.



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