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Blockchains LLC Signs Deal with Energy Company


A new start-up that has bought 100 square miles of land has signed an agreement with NV Energy “to work together on energy projects powered by blockchain technology.”

Little detail is provided regarding the exact plans, but Paul Caudill, CEO of NV Energy, said in a statement this Wednesday:

“We will explore a variety of out-of-the-box energy concepts to identify ways to improve the customer experience, including applications that further the use of energy storage, renewable energy and collaborative energy conservation.

We are, in addition, excited about the many other undiscovered applications that public blockchain technology has the potential to make possible.”

Blockchain LLC now says it “plans to devote to the incubation of innovative ideas that simplify every aspect of our daily lives.

By empowering the individual and restoring trust in all transactions, and fostering cutting-edge technologies, Blockchains LLC’s goal is to help facilitate the technological revolution that will improve everyday life for the next generation.”

Meaning it may well be they plan to build a Blockchain City in Nevada next to Tesla and many other tech companies in what they are calling the innovation park.

Their big event is later today in Prague. It will be livestreamed, starting at circa 7:15 PM London time, making it prime time in Europe, morning in America and late evening in Asia.

It is now one of the most anticipated event in the blockchain space for all want to know whether the vision is really that big and whether they really aim to build an ethereum city.

Yet so too everyone is kind of preparing for disappointment. It may turn out their ambitions are far lower, but everyone appears to love the idea of a blockchain city, so we’ll see now in a few hours whether a massive vision will be elaborated or otherwise.



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