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Devcon News of News for Bears and Bulls


Packed session boys and gals as Devcon’s big day closes with it to continue tomorrow when we may find out in detail the current stage of Ethereum 2.0 implementations by two clients.

For today, kitties opened (featured image) in style, followed by Dietrich Ayala of Mozilla who had a simple message:

Hell Yeah!

We won’t spoil much of it as many of you will want to play back the livestream, but one must watch presentation has to be that of Andy Milenius from MakerDAO who made a powerful speech.

The Financial Reformation at Devcon Prague, October 2018.

Vlad Zamfir’s presentation was called by Joseph Lubin of ConsenSys as “definitely one of the highlights of Devcon4 so far. It’s been really exciting to see his work develop over the last year. Please never stop blowing our minds.”

Vlad Zamfir on sharding at Devcon, October 2018.

While Zooko Wilcox of Zcash presented on Sapling, described as “a network upgrade that introduces significant efficiency improvements for shielded transactions.”

Zooko on Sapling at Devcon, October 2018.

There was another presentation from Zcash as ethereum tries to incorporate their technology, with Kaspar Korjus of Estonia’s government giving a pretty interesting presentation: the vision of a digital nation state operating on the cloud where it can keep runing and have its citizens keep paying taxes even if there is a national disaster, i.e. an invasion.

You can incorporate AI and have more transparency where wanted – such as who looked at my records – while having more privacy at the same time by having the ability to deny others access to your information.

Kaspar Korjus at Devcon, October 2018.

Cory Doctorow of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) went back to the crypto wars of the 90s when a fight was won to make cryptography usage as a legal right at a time when they were classified as weapons.

Code is speech, was their rallying cry with the cypherpunks so winning some freedom ground, paving the way for the current global public blockchain.

Justin Drake then closed with a presentation on randomness for the Beacon Chain. To be followed tomorrow by others with more details on their implementation of Serenity.

This is just the main-stage. There were far too many other presentations on-going at the same time, as well as workshops, with the audience appearing a bit thinner today amid much competition to attract the attention of 5,000 attendees.

In other news, ConsenSys is seemingly planning to literally go to the moon – or the neighboring asteroids. They’ve acquired a space exploration startup, with Lubin stating:

“Bringing deep space capabilities into the ConsenSys ecosystem reflects our belief in the potential for Ethereum to help humanity craft new societal rule systems through automated trust and guaranteed execution.

And it reflects our belief in democratizing and decentralizing space endeavors to unite our species and unlock untapped human potential. We look forward to sharing our plans and how to join us on this journey in the months ahead.”

Coinbase apparently made half a billion in profits this  year on revenue of $1.3 billion. That’s up from just $17 million in 2016.

Aragon has launched on main-net. We’ll give it a test-run when we have time, with our blunt verdict in due course.

“Coinsource, the world’s largest Bitcoin ATM network, was today granted a virtual currency license in the state of New York.

With approximately 40 physical kiosks in the state, the Fort Worth based company becomes the first Bitcoin ATM operator to be granted a New York virtual currency license, and only the twelfth company overall.

Coinsource, which began the application process for a virtual currency license in the summer of 2015, had been operating in the state under a provisional license.”

So they tell us in a press release, with another already preparing for an eth hackathon even as Devcon keeps running in full swing:

“Applications open today for the world’s largest Ethereum hackathon, Colorado’s ETHDenver #BUIDLATHON and Community Gathering. The event will return to Denver’s Sports Castle February 15-17, 2019…

Leading up to the event, #BUIDL Week Colorado Feb 11-14, will be open to the public, featuring demonstrations, speakers, panels, and workshops focused on empowering and educating the state’s growing blockchain community…

Some of the individuals already announced for ETHDenver’s keynote addresses and hackathon judging include Andreas M. Antonopoulos, prolific public speaker and author of Mastering Ethereum, Joseph Lubin of ConsenSys, Ryan Selkis of Messari, and Erik Voorhees of Shapeshift.”

That’s it for today. We have to get our strawberry champaign ready for the Blockchain City livestream, if that’s what they announcing, and if not then popcorns either-way.

There won’t be any news related to it on these pages today to no-spoilers, but tomorrow we’ll certainly give our verdict.

We’ve removed the strict paywall for this Devcon special. Usually this section takes much time and effort to the point we not sure we can “afford” it even behind the paywall, but couldn’t bring ourselves to it this time.

In return, did anyone find the livestream to Ravecon0? We need some fresh music with our strawberry champaign y’all. Cheerio.



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