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Plans For The Ethereum City Unveiled


“68,000 acres, roughly the size of Reno and am told half the size of Prague. The governor of Nevada just recently deemed it innovation park.”

So begun Jeffrey Berns, CEO of Blockchains LLC, at a presentation off-Devcon in Prague that had 1,500 attending with much of the crypto world watching the livestream, adding:

“It’s not so much a city as much as a series of different projects to highlight the power of the public blockchain.

First we need to build a campus for us. A campus where developers from all over the world can come, work on dapps, work on applications, and help us build this city.

Blockchains campus will be a thousand acre campus roughly, and it will be in the part of innovation park that we’ve dubbed Blockchains graphene valley.

It will be a high tech, high security park, an R&D facility that will incubate four life changing technologies together. Those being AI, nanotechnology, 3D printing, all using blockchain as their core.

We will incubate concepts dealing with clean water and energy. We will be doing things that have never been done before.

The partners in the park that we have currently and the partners who want to be in the park, are going to surprise you.

Some of you may have seen there was a press release yesterday. NV Energy, a Berkshire Hathaway company, entered into a memorandum of understanding with Blockchains to incubate new types of energy relationships with their customers.

Relationships where the customer is not really a customer, but a partner. Where the customer will be the one creating energy, storing energy, trading energy, buying energy. NV Energy is open to that, so we’ve reached an agreement with them.

There will be a series of announcements like that, that you’ll see coming out over the course of the next six months.

Everything that we do will have its infrastructure rooted in blockchain. We also wanted to show how the blockchain can change the way we live. So we are creating a residential community as well.

This residential community will have houses, apartments, condos, banks, market stores, schools, and we will use blockchain – the public blockchain – wherever possible. We’ll incubate projects with those entities as we build out that residential community.

Additionally, another project. We all know that content is messed up right now. The way content is created, monetized, stored and distributed will change with blockchain technology.

We plan to build the first immersive content creation studio. You can think of a movie studio that also records music and creates games. This studio will change the way content is distributed, the way content is monetized, and give back the power to the content creators instead of 20 people in a line of distribution.

Finally, I want to tell you about one other project. I believe that e-gaming and e-sports will someday overtake professional sports. I think that we need to build the first e-gaming arena in the world. Where tournaments and quests can be had and reputations will be maintained on the blockchain.

So we will build the first one in norther Nevada and there will be a series of other ones built around the world, and teams will be developed and amateurs will be able to get sponsorship. It’s an entire new ecosystem that we’ll create.

The land that we bought surrounds some really interesting companies too, which is another reason we bought it. Because, if we’re going to do this we need the innovators and the thinkers that are not in our community to also see what we’re doing.

We surround three big innovative companies. Switch Datacenters. Rob Roy has over 200 patents and their datacenters are level five secure. These are things like you’d see in a James Bond kind of movie.

Google. We surround Google’s 1,200 acres and I’m told tomorrow they are going to be making a huge announcement about what they are doing. And of course Tesla, and Elon Musk, the Tony Stark of our time.

I think you’re going to see that the partners in the park are a lot more receptive to public blockchain technology than a lot of people thought.

So, we thought ok we have now done the things that I thought mattered. We dealt with identity [using vein scanning tech for private keys access in nuclear bunkers around the world], we dealt with custody [fortress like bunkers – they bought two in US, one in Switzerland, one in Sweden]. The third thing, which I forgot to say, is the big bang theory.

One of my fear is that the banks – cus you know I love banks (/s) – the banks will get together and there will become a default blockchain that they will agree to and then they will force their millions of customers to use it and that will become the de facto blockchain.

So we needed to make sure that what we did was big, and that’s why we decided to build out this city the way we did, where we did.

I thought that we had everything set and then magic struck. For US citizens, in the tax plan that passed in January, there is a thing called opportunity zones. You can take capital gains, you can invest them in an opportunity zone business, you do not have to pay your capital gains tax for eight years until December 31st 2026 and when you do you only pay it on 85% of the gains.

That would be good enough, but on top of it, if you leave your investment in for ten years, all gains are federally tax free. So you’ll be able to invest in these projects and have no taxes and if you live in Nevada, we have no state taxes either. So I really, I welcome you guys, come to Nevada.”



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  1. There is no mention in the speech that the city will be an Ethereum city, or any specific blockchain city.

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