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AMD Launches Ethereum Mining Gear


AMD has begun courting the crypto mining market with a new page dedicated to GPU based mining gear and rigs.

“We are working with existing ecosystem partners to bring blockchain compute solutions to market for a large variety of use cases and exploring opportunities with new and innovative platforms using blockchain,” AMD said.

Their page shows set-ups of 14 AMD Radeon RX 470 GPUs (pictured above), numerous mining rigs, as well as an “enterprise GPU solution with an enormous 20 GPU capacity and advanced industrial EATX power supplies designed by Rajintek.”

AMD GPU Mining Rig, November 2018.

“With the flexibility of blockchain, we are one step closer to a world of efficient data access and secure transactions, making intermediaries – that inevitably introduce vulnerabilities and dependencies but are necessary in conventional transaction models – obsolete,” AMD says.

They’re now entering a highly competitive crypto mining market where industrial farmers tend to revolve due to the complexity of managing both difficult increases and price volatility.

BTCC, for example, has now closed shop. They used to be one of the biggest miner, but they have been losing market share throughout 2018 to the point they now seemingly can not keep up any longer.

Then there’s crypto mining manufacturers, like Bitmain, which are mainly in the business of selling ASICS used to mine bitcoin. They’ve been doing relatively well, but competition is significantly heating up in China with new much more powerful asics launched recently by Bitmain competitors.

On the GPU end, which is mainly used to mine ethereum, traditional manufacturers like AMD and Nvidia have dominated. Yet both have tried to downplay the crypto market, focusing on gaming.

That appears to be changing, at least for AMD. They’re now being more upfront about going after what can be a very lucrative business.

AMD’s stock price on daily candles, November 2018.

AMD’s stock price has been seeing some gains after it halved in the month of October due to worries that tariffs would hit them badly.

The price has now bounced back to currently $21, with this stock potentially being one proxy way to invest in cryptos at least as far as the crypto mining aspect is concerned.



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