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Craig Wright Threatens to Crash BCH’s Price to Zero in an Email to Roger Ver


Craig Wright told Roger Ver in a now publicly revealed email that he will send the price of Bitcoin Cash down to zero for two years.

“Welcome to bankruptcy,” Wright told Ver before adding: “You are my enemy. You have  f****** no idea what that means.”

“I AM Satoshi. Have a nice life,” said Wright who Vitalik Buterin has called “a fraud.” Closing with: “F*** You, Craig.”

Wright letter to Ver threatening price crash after BCH split, November 2018

“Not the sort of thing that 40 something year old men, that a mature businessman would say,” Ver said.  By comparison, Calvin Ayre, who is backing Wright, told Ver something to the effect of: whenever you’re ready to join the camp that supports economic freedom, we’re here for you.

“I like Calvin,” Ver said. Although the two might have a difference of opinion regarding which tools would support the highest level of economic freedom, Ayre’s statement is something “a sane person would say,” according to Ver.

In contrast, in regards to Wright, Ver said “it is never easy to admit that you have been fooled, maybe I’ve been fooled.”

Ver further said he suspects Wright does not have any technical knowledge, citing an example during the Bangkok meeting in August when Wright stormed out, saying lies and bullshit. When Ver turned to Wright’s nChain team and asked them if it was lies or bullshit, they said no.

“It seems strange to have Craig refuse to engage in any technical debate there and my suspicion at this point is because he can’t,” Ver said.

Ver said he was a big blocker at heart, but did not speak out about it to not rock the boat. That’s until censorship was initiated, at which point he said he had to speak out.

Likewise he did not speak out against Wright until fairly recently. Ver suggested he could not stay neutral after Wright threatened certain lawsuits as a talking point or made certain debate points against some protocol upgrades on the basis that they might facilitate gambling.

Ver argued people have the right to do whatever is peaceful and that bitcoin is about freedom. Wright had missed the entire point of cryptocurrencies, Ver said, adding they’re about permissionless innovation, permissionless use.

Ver concluded by stating he agrees with an “absolute genius,” Vitalik Buterin, who had previously stated that if it turns out Wright is Nakamoto, it would lower his opinion of Nakamoto, it wouldn’t improve his opinion of Wright.

“I don’t like putting out videos that bash people, but I need to bash the ideas put forward by Craig in regards to the use case of bitcoin not being permissionless and regulators and this and that. I think they’re wrong,” Ver said.

All of it so meaning there has now clearly been a community split, with it to be formalized in a chain-split that is to occur this November 15th.

Wright’s claim in regards to crashing BCH’s price perhaps refers to the one million coins that are believed to have been mined by Nakamoto.

Court documents however show that Wright’s claimed one million coins actually belong to the now bankrupt Mt Gox exchange. Wright himself had only about 20 bitcoins or so in MT Gox.

It is not clear how much Ver currently holds, but he had at one point about 200,000 BTC, with Ver so being a very early bitcoin adopter.

Then there’s Bitmain, which has about one million BCH. Bitmain’s co-founder, Jihan Wu, has loudly argued against Wright.

BCH chain-split futures have launched. They indicate there might be an initial price split of 80% or so for BCH and about 20% for BSV, the new coin by Craig Wright.

How the price action will unfold, however, remains to be seen, with less than a week now to go until November 15th.



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