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BAT Crashes After Coinbase Listing


BAT fell some 30% after Coinbase finalized its listing process, adding it to the crypto-broker front in addition to the exchange.

Its price is still higher than at the beginning of October when it stood at circa $0.16, with Coinbase listing rumors sending it to $0.37 in a weeks long bull-run.

Now it has fallen to $0.27, giving it a fairly decent market cap of $270 million on trading volumes of $32 million for the past 24 hours.

BAT’s recent price action, November 2018.

The price fall was perhaps to be expected as speculators exited their front-running positions taken in expectation that others would enter in anticipation of the Coinbase listing.

Its price may now rise or fall in line with the rest of the market, but there is another potential catalyst for BAT, the unveiling of the ad model.

BAT stands for Basic Attention Token, with the attention part being advertising. Instead of it going to publishers directly, it is to be shared between publishers and the user of the Brave Browser.

Details are very sparse because it hasn’t yet fully launched, but in an Ask me Anything (AMA) session, a BAT/Brave representative stated:

“We’re working through our second phase of user trials, which allow us to calibrate the system and train the machine-learning model which will reside in the browser moving forward.

In this latest phase, several hundreds of volunteers have been generously contributing their time and attention to making this the best it can be.

While I don’t yet have a specific date for you, I can say that the effort is progressing nicely, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring it to the general user base soon!

For now, please continue to accept the regular grants and support your favorite creators.”

Brave claims to not track users, positioning itself as a privacy minded browser. How the ad part would work without tracking, however, is not very clear.

Previous suggestions have been that users can voluntarily opt in, but whether that is still the case remains to be seen once it launches.

So far the browser has been growing fairly well, reaching 5 million active monthly users, about as much as a somewhat medium publisher.

It is not quite yet on the radar of browser rankings. Chrome, for example, has some 2 billion users or so, with it facing little challenge so far.

Whether that will change remains to be seen, just as we’ll have to wait and see whether Brave’s ad model works as far as publishers are concerned.



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