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Gregory Maxwell Admits He Emailed Craig Wright to Offer Assistance


Gregory Maxwell at his younger times.

Gregory Maxwell, co-founder of Blockstream, a for-profit start-up that employs many Bitcoin Core devs, has admitted he has offered tactical assistance to an individual he himself has called a fraud.

“I emailed him– because I’m concerned that scammers like Roger Ver finally figured out that faketoshi isn’t convincing anyone anymore,” Maxwell said.

There were doubts over the authenticity of the email, with Emin Gün Sirer, Cornell Professor, stating:

“I read the supposed letter from Greg to a certain fraud. It doesn’t read like Greg’s writing, so I believe it to be a forgery.”

Maxwell, however, has now put to rest any doubts, so showing himself willing to work with an individual he himself believes or claims to believe is a fraud. In an email to Craig Wright, Maxwell said:

“I believe it would be adverse for interests that concern me if your influence or prominence in BCH were in any way diminished. I am not aware of how I could be of aid in repairing this situation, but it seemed to me that it would be prudent to at least offer my discreet assistance.”

We may have seen such assistance in action yesterday when Craig Wright’s BMG Pool mined five 32MB blocks containing miner created zombie transactions.

Why they mined such blocks is not very clear, but Maxwell’s tactic may well be to use his code expertise as a political tool. What may well be Blockstream affiliated media accounts, for example, where quick yesterday to say the Bitcoin Unlimited nodes had crashed after the 32MB blocks were mined.

Yet code related problems with Bitcoin Unlimited are not news to anyone, hence why it took until BitcoinABC to fork off.

ABC’s nodes kept up very well. Potentially so suggesting that Maxwell actually doesn’t have much in his code arsenal, if of course he was involved in discreetly assisting Wright’s pool with mining zombie transactions.

We do not know whether that is the case, but it is doubtful Wright’s team would have had the technical expertise otherwise as clearly shown by BitcoinSV’s codebase.

A codebase that probably has bugs which actually matter, in a client that actually matters. Raising the question of why does Maxwell care so much to work with an individual of whom Maxwell said on October 3rd 2017:

“If anyone from the ATO is reading this: I’d be willing to travel to AU on my own dime and offer expert testimony against this fraud.”

It appears, thus, that Maxwell is very willing to bend his principles, willing to work with an individual he believes is a fraudster.

That’s while he previously claimed to be “protect[ing] the public from being defrauded by [Wright].” Yet now he is willing to assist.



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