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Nothing Personal, Just Business Says Calvin Ayre


Calvin Ayre has stated his alleged plan to 51% attack BCH and all other cryptos, including BTC and ETH, is nothing personal, just business.

“Bitmain is trying to make this about personalities. For CoinGeek this is all about profits and BitcoinSV is the only option for Miners who want profits. We have to protect our massive investment into mining,” Ayre said.

How BSV gives miners more profit is not at all clear, with Ayre’s Coingeek mining pool currently processing blocks at a 30% loss.

One hint might be a recent statement by Ari Kuqi, who appears to be a close friend of Craig Wright with the latter calling Ayre a partner. Kuqi says:

“You need to raise tx-volume to gigablocks within 2 years or mining will not be profitable.”

Ethereum miners currently can not handle 1MB every ten minutes because it leads to too many orphans. BCH’s ecosystem struggled to handle 22MB during a recent stress test. Meaning gigabyte blocks within two years would lead to a complete breakdown of the network.

“The battle with BTC will be at the next halvening. Until then, we have a common enemy that has been stealing value from Bitcoin; s**tcoins,” Kuqi says.

They believe that there should be only one coin, with all others destroyed. Ryan X. Charles of MoneyButton and Yours says: “PoW world money means destroying every alternative PoW blockchain.”

In other words they want to force everyone into whatever rules they set in a complete enslavement of men in an attempt to neutralize the ultimate guarantor of freedom and decentralization in the crypto space: the ability to just split and create your own network with your own rules to compete in the free market as one pleases.

“nChain have already voiced the intention to reorg a minority invalid chain. This isn’t an attack on BCH. Rather this will highlight the invalidity and insecurity of the a minority chain. It is a defense of the majority chain, and it assures that the majority chain remains valid, and the clear winner,” Ayre says.

The newcomer clearly has no clue of how any of this works. You wouldn’t be attacking a chain, you would be attacking a global decentralized network of many good smart men and women who are driven not just by business but also by values and principles.

So making it very personal, because if this man truly plans to 51% attack in a denial of freedom to the crypto space, then he is objectively evil.

If instead it is of a lower degree, of mere pettiness, then his business interests run against those of the entire crypto space.

According to Jonathan Toomim, a miner-dev who long supported BCH: “CSW wants to allow miners to claim UTXOs without a valid signature. He wants to allow miners to steal other people’s coins. Burned coins, coins that have not been moved (e.g. Satoshi’s), and coins that use OP_CDSV on other chains.”

If by protecting his “massive investment into mining” he means outright theft, then that too is personal because no one wants to see our own mothers or brothers having their property stolen by a billionaire who does not even need the ill gotten loot.

Meaning we heavily weigh towards all this being just entertainment, but you never know with a somewhat gifted alleged CSW scammer.

You never know whether Ayre has effectively been turned into a puppet, and thus might “unintentionally” be following destructive orders by the individual Vitalik Buterin, and many others, called a fraud.

To protect your mining investment is a very simple matter. You just set-up an algo of sorts that calculates hash, energy power, and price, and according to the results you send the asics to wherever it says is most profitable.

The opposite of that is to try and play games with the people that built this entire thing who know infinitely more than an alleged scammer about all the nuts and bolts including whatever bug there may be in BSV.

So if it is just business, then find better business partners. We’ll enjoy the popcorns, but soon enough you might find yourself having no relevance when there could have been a lot more profits by playing by the rules and by supporting the ecosystem as well as its ultimate ideal of freedom for all.



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