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ViaBTC Calls Craig Wright a Tyrant and a Lunatic as Battle Lines Laid for a Potential Hashwar


One of the biggest mining pool has loudly come out in favor of ABC, calling Bitmain’s Jihan Wu “quite wise and intelligent.” While of Craig Wright they said:

“We don’t feel right to support the tyrant or lunatic who wishes to kill BCH and just try to invent a new coin of his own to develop his own mining industry, and wishes kill other companies just out of sheer personal grudge. This is totally unacceptable!”

Vitalik Buterin, Chief Scientist at the Ethereum Foundaition, said: “The best time to oppose a tyrant or lunatic is one year ago. The second best time is today.”

Bitcoin’s hashrate distribution, November 2018.

In any potential hash-war, the chart that matters is the one above. BCH’s chart has been distorted, but each of the biggest pool above has more hash than all of BCH. has almost twice BCH’s hash. Antpool has 1.2x of BCH, while ViaBTC is about the same hashrate as all of BCH.

F2Pool has stated they will be neutral, allowing their miners to mine on ABC clients or BSV.¬†Jiang Zhuoer of BTC.TOP claims to be neutral, but we don’t really believe him. He’ll probably back ABC.

He said he’ll back the winning side to end any hash-war quickly, but if that winning side is BSV then ABC will Keccak their Proof of Work to change the algorithm.

Suggesting he probably thinks Bitmain will be the winning side, and if that’s the case Zhuoer might bring over hash from BTC to quickly end any potential attack.

ViaBTC as expected is strongly supporting ABC. They spent about $20 million to get the BCH chain off the ground on August 1st 2017, so they’ll probably do all it takes to overpower any attacker by temporarily sending their hash over to BCH.

That might not really be needed. Bitmain is turning on 90,000 miners to have the upper hand in any hashwar. That would probably be sufficient.

Meaning the show might be more on the trading side, not least because traders probably won’t care about whatever might be going on at the protocol end as they’d be too busy looking at charts.

There, whichever exchange is first to list both BCH and BSV might be the real winner.

You never know however with Craig Wright as he was allegedly able to fool Australia’s Tax Office (ATO), so it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that he might have fooled Calvin Ayre into stupidly burning money.

The problem for Ayre is that he barely has a fraction of the hash of any other player. So even if he wanted to attack BCH, he probably wouldn’t quite be able to.

Meaning we stick to our prediction that this will be a traditional chain-split with no major problems at the protocol level at least on the BCH side, but who knows. We’ll find out now tomorrow starting around 4:40PM London time.



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