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Bitstamp Will Only List BCHABC


One of the biggest crypto exchange has stated they will “only support Bitcoin ABC during the fork and the price of BCH at Bitstamp will reflect the price of Bitcoin ABC.”

They will not list BSV, but the exchange will take a snapshot of balances so they might list BSV in the future if it maintains any value and interest.

Coinex has likewise stated that the chain mined through the BitcoinABC client will be listed as Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Coinex will list BSV as well, allocating 1 BCH and 1 BSV for every pre-split BCH coin held on their exchange.

Poloniex has already listed both in a futures market, while Coinbase has stated that they are “prepared to support the published roadmap from”

The published roadmap there is that of the ABC client, meaning Coinbase will list the chain mined through ABC as BCH. It looks like they won’t list BSV, at least for now.

Binance has stated they will list both coins if a chain-split does occur. There, they are effectively following Poloniex in stating:

“Binance will replace all Bitcoin Cash (BCC) balances with BCHABC and BCHSV, distributing each at a 1:1 ratio based on the aforementioned snapshot taken of Bitcoin Cash (BCC) balances.

We will make a separate announcement to notify users what the exact trading times will be for both BCHABC and BCHSV. All BCC trading pairs will also be removed from the exchange.”

Meaning in some exchanges there will be only BCH, with the same coin to be listed on some exchanges as BCHABC. While on some other exchanges there will also be BSV, with the same coin listed on some exchanges as BCHSV.

So not quite as messy as it could have been on the exchanges front, although Bitfinex has gone with BAB for BCH.

Where that came from is not very clear, but since the Tether implosion Bitfinex has not been relevant, with the exchange now seemingly trying to make itself even less relevant by not being in line with any other exchange.

The end result though will probably be just two coins in a couple of hours, with BCH and BSV to now face the market and its judgment.



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