John McAfee Offers “My Sword and My Loyalty” to Jihan Wu and BCHABC – Trustnodes

John McAfee Offers “My Sword and My Loyalty” to Jihan Wu and BCHABC


John McAfee has loudly come out in support of BCHABC ahead of a chain-split fork in a few hours. In tweeting out an e-mail to his nearly one million followers, McAfee said:

“Those who stand against Jihan Wu are a idiots who don’t see the realities of the playing field. Please, get real. I will not let my ego destroy me by making me think I could challenge the only real power in this space. My email to him should make it clear to anyone where I stand.”

McAfee’s email to Jihan Wu ahead of BCH chain-split fork, November 2018.

McAfee is known to have begun crypto mining operations back in 2016 in a partnership of sorts with Bitmain.

How much hash he has exactly is not very clear, but if there is indeed a hash-war, then hash might be just part of the equation.

Technical expertise would be very much needed, with McAfee being one of the world’s most renowned computer expert, so starting his coding career all the way in the 70s working at NASA at the dawn of the computer age.



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