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Thanksgiving News of News For Bears and Bulls


Good day ladies and gents. Hope you’ve been enjoying the crypto show which never fails to give popcorn makers plenty to be thankful for.

We thought some popcorn would be a nice addition to the turkey, but of course they’ve sold out faster than the GPUs in spring 2017.

Ehhhhhhh… those were the days. “Roar bitcoin roar.” “The People’s Muneh.” “BAT ICO sold out in 15 seconds.” “Bitcoin is up again another one thousand.” America wants to know what is bitcoin – so said the US civil service to congress.

We’re thankful for it. No one would believe us, but, you know, we returned pre-9/11 optimism. The world is now generally at peace for the first time in two decades. People look to the future once again and less inwards.

One would hope there will be the start of a golden age now that people generally feel a bit more safe. An age where intellect is not frozen in words, but sort of lives, has some basic life giving energy, in code.

It is difficult, when so many have lost so much, to maintain some optimism. Ethereum is hated, says Fred Wilson, and to hear that does hurt.

We warned in these pages everytime that the bull music will get too loud, that the hangover will hurt, but the speed does still amaze.

Pretty boys with their silly crypto castles and yachts now replaced by asics on the streets in about 11 months.

Is this it?  – many will ask. Will it ever repeat or rhyme? What’s the point of all this anyway, why can’t you just use dollars man?

What’s the point of anything, besides the fact that being is sort of the default. Doing, improving, creating, going faster, higher, and making it all better.

When you look back, you wonder just how they could be so stupid. You know, how do a hundred million men sit in trenches for months playing call of duty in real life. How did the slaves not revolt earlier. How the priests, even today, abuse their positions greatly. How Antoinette could tell them to eat cake.

How they had no sanitation, no electricity, how they feared fairytale creatures, how Socrates drunk the poison, or Jesus was crucified, or Galileo was nearly hanged, or Luther is now a bad man.

And yet the spirit of optimism prevails, for man is good. For amid raging war, Englishmen and their German brothers played football.

Of that, we are most thankful. The innate kindness of all. The innate drive for better. The innate desire for peace. And the innate want to achieve to the benefit of everyone, for the few and the many.

We won’t turn the world upside down, we are not fools. We’ll just make it better by giving intellect life beyond the creator. Bitcoin does still roar even as Nakamoto is no where to be known. It will probably roar again, perhaps louder than ever, as boy genius Buterin – or someone else – cracks the scalability code.

Now to some actual news. If you’re new to these pages, this section is usually hard paywalled as even then it “costs” more than we can “afford,” but we’ll leave it open this time for the above “sermon.”

We’ll just share some press releases among all the wine and the festivities. Now these are straight copy pastes, no vetting, so – you know – it’s “them” speaking not “us.”

Ah, well first of all, the MT Gox rehabilitation claims filing has been extended to December 26 2018. Some were fretting about potentially missing the deadline, but of course the Trustee has probably never landed a better gig. So delay and delay for more and more fees at the expense of creditors.

“The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX), a subsidiary of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX), has today been granted a fully regulated Distributed Ledger Technology licence from the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC).

This announcement means that the GSX is now the first stock exchange to own a regulated blockchain exchange and comes after months of steady growth and expansion for the company, including its full-scale public launch in July.

The GBX now has a fully licenced, fully operational platform.”

You need a license to walk down the street nowadays. Thank god for the first amendment because otherwise even these pages would have required a permission slip.

That said, a fully regulated crypto exchange by a traditional stock exchange does perhaps suggest a merger of the old and the new. Thereafter you’d think the old would be completely replaced, but we’ll see.

“A community banking organization would be considered to have met the capital ratio requirements to be well capitalized for the agencies’ prompt corrective action rules provided it has a community bank leverage ratio greater than 9 percent.”

So says OCC. 9 cent to the dollar while Fed puts up interest rates. Meaning money is getting cheaper for bankers and more expensive for everyone else. Well, if you can get away with it – legally – why wouldn’t you play.

“Circle, the global crypto finance company… released the first attestation report on dollar reserves backing their USDC stablecoin. The is the first time a global independent public audit firm has issued an attestation report for fiat reserve backing of a stablecoin. The audit firm is Grant Thornton.”

Enron was attestation. Oh wait, New York City was attestation 2,000% before it went nearly bankrupt. Let’s say the attestation says you bankrupt, then what? You lower capital requirements to 9%? Nastynodes. On Thanksgiving!

Now we usually don’t share these sort of more “personal” emails, but exceptions prove the rule so:

“I’m reaching out to you because TrustNodes covered Publica back in May, we enjoyed the article and we wanted to let you know that Publica just had its one year anniversary since we finished our ICO.

Nowadays it’s rare to see a blockchain project that has a real use case and we wanted to find out if you want to do a follow-up story on Publica.

Here is our one year anniversary post that details the biggest achievements of the past year, that should have plenty of content to go from –

Obviously we haven’t read the link, but did skim. It’s sort of interesting. Things are moving, as is the ICO landscape:

“The future, according to exclusive new research from analysts at BlockShow, the flagship event for the blockchain industry, is likely in security token offerings (STOs), with stablecoins in particular showing significant promise.

While utility tokens of past projects usually act as fuel for accessing services, a security token represents an actual security, as defined by local regulators. STOs offer investors greater liquidity and diversification, and—especially with stablecoins, which are tied to actual currency—less volatility.”

Fit in the box. “What we have is, for example with SEC, they come in with a little box and say, ok, here is our box of regulations, you have to fit in it. And we’re going, well, no, we’re kind of, really, outside the box. No, no, no, no, this is our box, you tell us how you fit in it. And they don’t have answers at this point…”

So said an ex SEC staffer back when. The problem is, of course, that the box is trash. It’s not just a box, it’s a bin and it stinks. It stinks because it costs much to get the permission slip, and when you have the choice of not asking for it by limiting yourself to just rich billionaires, then obviously it is not equitable or fair to anyone else.

Incorporating these century old laws to very new things can be done, but it’s a monstrosity. Those laws were required because trust was a necessity. Some of that trust still applies, so rules are needed, but not completely outdated rules that haven’t been looked at in a century.

There needs to be a new regulatory framework for the token economy. Something that strikes a far better balance between the competing factors of capital formation, protecting investors, and so on. Something which takes into account the new digital guarantees that protect investors.

TrustED announces the launch of its blockchain-based platform set to revolutionize the process of how academic credentials are verified. By leveraging blockchain technology TrustED offers the ability to verify academic credentials secure and instantly.

The implementation of the scalable blockchain-based platform will enable leading educational institutions and its graduates to both store and authenticate grades, credentials, or certificates for employers.”

Why call them when you can just enter a hash in a form? But you can do that with a database! Yeh, but, they can’t change these records. What happens if there’s an input error then? Well they make a new entry? They, who? Now, now, who ate your turkey?

“Given Switzerland’s long-standing conservative nature and methodical decision making, it will certainly impact the SEC’s decision on bitcoin ETFs in a favourable way, as it shows how another established financial market can handle the complexities of new technologies. Switzerland is leading the way in the crypto revolution by adopting regulatory measures which allow complexity to be removed, innovation to flourish, and makes mass adoption a reality.

Given the common ETP structure, traditional and institutional asset managers will be able to invest as they do in any ETF or other structured products without the hassle of having to deal with governance surrounding wallets and other complications which come with investing in cryptocurrencies.

In the same way, it makes it easier for institutional and retail investors to allocate to the crypto space. Being able to allocate to the crypto space from their current investment account removes a lot of fear and complications from the process. Whenever complexity is removed, it makes it easier for capital to flow into the market.”

So says Brent Jaciow, Head of Blockchain Affairs at music data tracking platform Utopia Music. Maybe, but if New York’s Bitlicense still stands unmodified, it is doubtful SEC will change its course.

Trump made a blunder in appointing Jay Clayton – for which he partially paid in the mid-term elections and might pay in the presidential election – so SEC is currently at disbalance.

It is now up to a yet to be appointed democrat Commissioner to tilt the SEC field, but all those words in one sentence by themselves indicate it to be less likely, rather than more so.

Meaning Europe has to play its easy cards well, and some of them have. This is global afterall. Code lives on a laptop, not the physical world.

“The Top 10 this year features a remarkably strong group of startups from six countries around the globe including Australia, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Switzerland, and the United States. The diversity in the industries, backgrounds, and stages of the top 10 teams adds an extra layer of complexity and intrigue to the competition as the judges evaluate each company based on their performance in their respective categories and not necessarily in comparison to each other.

  1. ActiveProtective: Developed a wearable that protects the hips of older adults using wearable airbags, alerting caregivers, monitors behaviors, and promotes safer mobility. Based out of Philadelphia, ActiveProtective offers smart hip protection in a form-factor that people will actually wear.
  2. BitLumens: Provides decentralized power to rural communities which are not connected to the power line using the blockchain to provide them with a credit score. Founded in Switzerland, BitLumens offers farmers solar home systems which can be paid in installments.
  3. Civic Eagle: The Atlanta based SaaS company uses artificial intelligence to reduce the time and cost of identifying, tracking, and analyzing important legislation and regulations for organizations that need to respond to quickly changing policy environments.”

Now we’ve been far too lazy in basically not discriminating at all. Taking them on first come first served basis, or rather last come first served as we go through the emails. Yet they happened to be somewhat interesting, so why not.

“Binance Labs has now announced their new 3 million dollar investment into San Francisco startup, Koi Trading.

Koi Trading is a cryptocurrency OTC trading company founded by industry veterans.”

Completely strangely, one can imagine Changpeng Zhao being on TV saying something like we sponsored this match because whatever with Binance ads in between plays.

He’s…. he’s god to some. After Buterin, there hasn’t been a more memed person than Zhao. His cards, though, are tough. And yet, so the reward grand. We shall leave you with a poem, a tiny one:

To walk in peace,
To walk in war,
The Christmas here,
With you all.

To angel dance and still be broke,
To devil court and still claim god,
at the edge,
always man.

Otherwise it would be far too boring. Without challenges, without things to do, without aims or achievements, without constrains and breaking boxes, it would be death more than living.

Dead like the food we eat in this thanksgiving. Consuming what was so that there can be what is in a cycle of regeneration as energy keeps racing entropy.

As man evolves, his culture, his norms, through struggle with habit, the set and the known. To get out of the box, to form a new, a better world.

Stand your guard,
from emotions.
Resist temptations
of cuty deception
for freedom call
to be ones own
with no chains above.

Resist the hate
of the moment
made sweet
by dictators above.

Call your spirits
of liberty free
call your optimism
of a fair world.

Sing for peace
not guns and bombs
sing for man
not institutionalized bots

Sing for freedom
liberty world
beat the drums.

From Texas mountains
to China walls
drum the spirit
drum the hope.



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