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Calvin Ayre Concedes Defeat


Calvin Ayre of Coingeek, the main player behind a minority chain-split from BCH to BSV, has effectively admitted defeat just about one week after the fork. Ayre says:

“It is CoinGeek’s opinion that the two chains are now so far apart and have such divergent plans ahead that there is just no path back to joining them.

We also no longer want the name Bitcoin Cash BCH as to us, Bitcoin SV is the original Bitcoin not the original Bitcoin Cash (whatever that even means).

We understand that having nChain no longer fighting with them over roadmaps was the single most important issue to the ABC side. nChain tells me they are happy to leave ABC chain alone if they enact replay protection and do a permanent split.”

Ayre backed threats of a 51% attack by Craig Wright’s nChain prior to the split. Such attacks never materialized nor were they attempted.

As many expected, they just wanted their own coin for whatever scheme Wright might be planning, but it has cost BCH dearly.

The coin has significantly fallen in price from circa $600 to $200 and while the network kept running fine throughout, services around it – like exchanges – have still not returned to normal operations.

Silliness from some exchanges that now list BCH as BCHABC or BAB – wherever the latter came from – has not assisted.

Nor have the “leaders” in the Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) camp who could have and should have loudly apologized prior to the fork for giving Craig Wright legitimacy in 2017 through a collaboration on gigablocks.

So the BCH community did not show as a united front as they could have done, with it currently fully preoccupied with BSV rather than adoption or making peer to peer electronic cash anywhere near a reality.

As one side has now effectively said they’re happy to peacefully part their ways, that might change. They’re now however arguing about replay protection and who should implement it.

Usually it is the minority coin that does so because the minority coin is not yet integrated into the infrastructure. If BCH does, then wallets and so on would have to be sort of re-written.

That would be a lot of work for effectively no reason as BSV can just get on with it if they have the coding skills to implement replay protection.

Ayre has been mining Bitcoin Cash for quite some time so it is probable he has quite a few of them. Meaning one can imagine him becoming a lot more accommodative, but that remains to be seen.



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  1. I know what BS is, but what does the V in BSV stand for?.

  2. Forget Wright. Play with me instead. I’m more fun.

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