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Press Release: A New Digital Currency And Exchange Aims to Revolutionize The Way Small Investors View Crypto Assets


It has been a while when digital currencies are becoming popular amongst the traders. However, if you dig a little the percentage of small and retail investors amongst these traders are quite insignificant. The reason behind the restricted participation of the retail investors in the crypto market and assets is because of the facts like no legal standing of the digital currencies, institutional investors manipulating the market for their good, the scarcity of exchanges which facilitate the retail investors and most importantly the extreme volatility in the market which scares the retail investors the most. On top of that, retail investors are worried about their security and safety of data and other confidential information to be leaked out online. Another problem which the retail investors face is lack of knowledge about these currencies and the assets and how to invest in them securely. So, KuBitX had come up with their solution which is first of its kind as before this there was no hybrid virtual currency or asset exchange which serves the requirement of everyone. This exchange has something really unique about them which is changing the game for the retail investor in this virtual world. 

The advanced trading platform does not segregate between its users; every user is allowed to use this platform for their benefit. The technology is so impactful that twelve millions of transactions can be processed simultaneously without any pressure on the platform that would crash it. This helps the retail traders to trade smoothly as when the retail traders will come in the market wholly, the number of transactions are bound to increase and for that this exchange is fully prepared. This exchange is targeting people who do not even have any knowledge of crypto so that the market expands and people get benefitted by the same. For bringing in the people into this market, they have adopted the best way possible and that to educate the people about this possibility of earning. It has been engaged in organizing campaigns where people are provided with the knowledge on cryptocurrencies. The exchange does not divide users, traders on the name of religion or language. The exchange has multiple language option and even the customer care person if required will communicate in your local language, and this is a major benefit for the retail investors where the language is no more a barrier. 

The security concern of the retail traders has been addressed well by KuBitX. They have benchmarked the platform thoroughly, and the team for security management is top notch which assures better security for the users. The features like cold storage and wallet with multi-signature assure minimal exposure of your funds and thus the risk is reduced. 

The fees charges on this platform are comparatively lower than many another running platform in this industry. Only a nominal fee of 0.05% is charged for trading on this platform with other currencies. Traders using KuBitCoin (KBX) will further get a 25% discount of this fees which comes down to 0.0375%. This is like a relief for the retail and small investors as higher fees and charges was a major barrier for investment in this digital currency market. 

This is a press release. Trustnodes has not undertaken any verification of any of the above statements and any statement or project contained therein is not necessarily endorsed by Trustnodes. Readers are strongly urged to do your own research.


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