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Green Shoots in a Year of Bear Market


The year of crypto bear, that’s how 2018 will probably be remembered with today marking precisely 365 days of endless selling.

Chines stock have fared no better. Merican stocks have sort of sidewayed for an entire year. House prices down, oil is down. Only the dollar index is up. Dem bankers.

Powell will now take the microphone and say…. well, that’s the question. Will he call off any further interest rate hikes? Or will he make Trump describe Fed as something more than just “crazy?”

No one knows (except for those that have a direct phone line to Fed). What all know however is that 2018 has been a pretty rubbish year.

Certainly in this space. Every-time we all thought it couldn’t go any lower, it did. Well send it to zero then! – some finally said. Crypto is still crypto, outside of “dirty” fiat with no “real” relation to it.

Yet now it rises a tiny 5% and everyone lines up to tell us they told us dis is bottom. Yeah… ain’t falling for that again. This has been bottom all the way down. When it passes all-time high, then it’s bottom.

This is instead a bull trap or a bear trap or a flag or a triangle or whatever hocus pocus nonsense they speak about. Green shoots says our editor. Yeah sure.

Did you see eth? Smh. Eos up more than 20%. BCH finally says its alive, up 10%. Grandpa bitcorn slow slow, but eth has no anger. You’d think it would rise more than xrp to get its rightful position. Nope.

Top cryptos this year end December 2018.

We all know what’s gone happen though, right? A little bit green, then red, red, red, reee. This has now beaten everyone so hard, no one beliebs.

Around 100,000 eth shorters have closed, to now about ◊320,000, but only ◊40,000 bulls have gone long, yet to ◊404,000.

Not found. Like we don’t know. A crazy up euphoria and a crazy down euphoria, how you going to 404 find anything?

Well, say what you want, but a 14 year old did manage to find Vitalik Buterin. What!? Common, you and your dirty mind or PC nonsense, he’s into:


“Follow the same path I did. Find someone in the crypto space who’s willing to pay you in crypto to do crypto-related things, and learn on the job.

That way you actually get into the ecosystem and aren’t just buying weird internet coins without getting a connection to the ideas or community.”

That’s what Buterin told a kid who apparently liked his professor’s bragging introduction to crypto, blockchain tech, and the rest, leading him to ask: “How can a 14 year old get into crypto?”

Not much different than a 50 year old, we should have been able to say but cryptos have now somehow become an 18+ thing.

Not that 14 year olds don’t know how to pretend they’re 18, but they don’t have to when they open a bank account. Obviously there should be limits for a 14 year old cus kids, but, we don’t like this 18+ imposition on cryptos were exchanges are concerned.

Interesting anyway that IT professors are now introducing adolescents to cryptos. Obviously there are some cryptonians who introduce their own toddlers to crypto in a self-depricating “brainwashing” get them while they young attempt, but now it’s professors as well.

For the better, hopefully. Coding skills are in very short supply in general, let alone blockchain related coding skills. Now though they’re maybe one coder less in short supply.

Unless he turns out to become a trader after he learns how to turn that $10 into $100 in months and then how to lose it all in about 5 seconds.

Although maybe he is smart and learns how to control emotions and how to fool himself into thinking he is cheating by making bearish posts when he in a bear position and bullish ones when going long. It defo works, until it doesn’t and then you get to lose it all in about five seconds.

Chillaxingnodes boys and girls for it is the happy season when just chatting is worth a bit more for relaxing.

A new year soon and thus perhaps a new beginning. Time marches on and so too maybe the fruits of this year’s work.



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