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News of News For Bears and Bulls, Winter Solstice Edition


Today is the shortest day of the year as the sun is the furthest away. Its effects, however, won’t be felt as today isn’t the coldest day of the year. January will be colder. February even more so and in March it might even snow.

That’s while the sun starts getting closer and closer, peaking in June in a day usually marked by burning something to reflect the power of the sun.

That festival of many names does too have different dates. In the Mediterranean, like in Greece, Albania, Italy or Malta, it is usually celebrated in June. In US and to some extent in UK, it is celebrated around September, with the burning man being the most famous such “fire” festival.

Even though the sun is at its strongest in June, it is not until August that heat starts becoming unbearable especially in the Mediterranean but also in northern Europe and USA.

That may be nature’s way of telling us that the efforts of the present take some time to materialize. A lesson that is potentially quite applicable to this space.

Top cryptos on Winter Solstice 2018.

It was on January 5th 2018, for example, when our article on Tron was used as the posterboy indication of an irrational bubble, with that article titled: “Tron, The $14 Billion Whitepaper With No Product.”

It took many, many, months for the market to reflect their lack of a product, but eventually Tron stopped being just a whitepaper. They went further and even bought Bittorrent. Now they’ve risen today more than any other crypto.

Another example might be recent accusations made against Upbit regarding “wash trading (cross trading), imaginary orders (provision of liquidity), or fraudulent trading.”

Upbit denies it, but they do admit that they utilized a sort of price buffer. We revealed that in December 2017 regarding Bithumb where people could not sell XRP below a certain price, only buy, with XRP duly going parabolic at the time.

Cleaning up, however, takes time, but once it is done the house does feel far too nice. The House of Representatives in this case perhaps, where a bill has been introduced that says:

“To amend the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 to exclude digital tokens from the definition of a security, to direct the Securities and Exchange Commission to enact certain regulatory changes regarding digital units secured through public key cryptography, to adjust taxation of virtual currencies held in individual retirement accounts, to create a tax exemption for exchanges of one virtual currency for another, to create a de minimis exemption from taxation for gains realized from the sale or exchange of virtual currency for other than cash, and for other purposes.”

Full stops are far too nice for Congress, so apologies for that monster paragraph, but now more than a year and a half since SEC’s DAO ruling, it appears Congress is moving.

Well, moving towards a shutdown. Something now of a yearly ritual as they all fight over money allocated through a massive bill which includes funding for a wall with Mexico.

It will never be built, reason would say. The young would protest daily the workers. There would be attempts to block their way. It would become a very symbolic Schelling point. It would raise the European dream far above the American dream. It would or should make Christian America lower their head in shame as they would be turning against that fine principle of helping those in need, as Jesus was helped.

Suggesting wall funding is the negotiation chip. Something they probably know they won’t get and probably don’t even want, but won’t give away without getting what they do want.

More funding for education? Increased funding for research? Perhaps some sort of rebuilding of America’s decaying infrastructure? We can dream, one day perhaps. For now it’s probably all about more money for the army.

Fed apparently is kind of backing down, although to what extent is not clear after pretty much all assets saw losses in 2018. CNBC says:

“U.S. stocks gained Friday after Federal Reserve Bank of New York President John Williams said that the central bank could reassess its interest rate policy and balance sheet reduction in the new year if the economy slows.”

Why the market thought that Fed wouldn’t change its approach if the economy slows, is not very clear. The aim obviously is for the economy not to slow, but to grow quite a lot. That might not be very easy while Fed hikes up interest rates eight times in about two years.

Now it has been some time since we covered press releases. As you may know, this is the bit where we just copy paste what we’re told. We might add our own comments, but we haven’t verified or checked whatever the copy pasted bit says.

“On the heels of a successful appearance on the Joe Rogan show, which has now been seen over 2 million times, leading AI company SingularityNET has launched its SingularityNET Developer Portal to enable developers to discover, learn, and adopt the world’s first decentralized AI network. The SingularityNET Foundation just hosted its first-ever developer workshop at DevOps 2018 as well.”

What’s this AI stuff gotta do with this space? “SingularityNET is an open-source protocol and collection of smart contracts for a decentralized market of coordinated AI services.”

Ah, it’s on eth’s testnet. Looks interesting in a way although as “normies” with sort of fairly basic coding skills, it doesn’t look like something we can easily navigate around.

SingularityNET on eth’s testnet, December 2018.

“NEO DevCon 2019 is coming to the home of tech giants Microsoft, Amazon and Valve to meet and talk blockchain, decentralization and smart economy.

‘NEO is working hard to develop the smart economy of tomorrow, so it’s fitting that we’re heading to Seattle, the home of Microsoft and some of the biggest technology businesses operating today,’ Erik Zhang, Founder of NEO said.

NEO DevCon 2019 will be held on February 16th-17th, at the Hyatt Regency Seattle hotel, Washington. The event will feature more than 40 speakers, 30 projects, 20 exhibits and more than 600 attendees.

‘We’re powering a movement towards a smart economy,’ Erik said.

NEO has more than 1,000 contributors, a community that’s half-a-million strong and a will to bring the smart economy to life.”

It has been so long since anyone cared about NEO that we’ve kind of completely forgotten what it is. Our one surface analysis of it suggests that neo at the time was effectively a one node private blockchain with public access.

Things may have changed since then, but the market isn’t telling us to take another look through the price action, so we’ll leave it to your own research.

“Australia-based TrustED is announcing the launch of its blockchain platform that’s tipped to revolutionize the academic credentialing process. The platform allows leading educational institutions and graduates to both store and authenticate grades, credentials, or certificates for employer inquiries.

Academic fraud is a serious threat that undermines the credibility of individual institutions and the education system as a whole. Numerous cases of fraud have appeared in the last decade, with serious consequences for institutions – for example, in 2011, the University of Wales was abolished after a diploma-selling scheme with an overseas affiliate university.

Blockchain technology enables TrustED to offer immutability, meaning third parties cannot alter or remove the data. When an institution uploads the academic credentials of a student or professor onto the platform, the verifying parties are ensured of the legitimacy. This is to help employers get away from lengthy, expensive and manual verification processes. What’s more, the verification process on TrustED will initially remain free.”

You know what would be cool? Although pretty stupid and useless, but cool. A tutorial that runs on the blockchain with the smart contract then giving you a certificate that says you have completed the tutorial and you received whatever grade.

An exam on the blockchain would be interesting too, although how exactly that would work isn’t for us to say. The point being that some sort of automation in the final gradation might be cool. Where you’re just kind of scanning a paper certificate onto the blockchain, well that might have its uses too.

Swarm, a non-profit providing open infrastructure for digital securities, announced today that TheArtToken (TAT), an investment opportunity issued using Swarm’s technology, has exceeded its first funding goal with over USD $5 Million committed.”

Digital securities? We’ve covered swarm before. If we recall well, the blockchain part is more of a perhaps even unnecessary backend since its all on a private blockchain of sorts with tokens not really able to get out of the platform. Making the name digital securities perhaps appropriate as opposed to…

Well there we have a big problem and since this is table chat, we’ll go on a tangent. Crypto is what we’ve kind of “fallen” into in order to differentiate stuff like eth or bitcoin from other stuff. Digital currency was tried, but then it got a bit confusing as to whether x proposed digital currency is more like bitcoin or not.

Crypto, however, isn’t a very friendly name. Cryptic. Plus the crypto bit is just one copy pasted part of a pretty complex yet simple design. So it isn’t a very fair name and cryptographers have been shouting at us about it for some time.

Yet what do you call the general class of bitcoin, eth, whatever. Money, yes, but they are unique so they need a unique name.

Smart? Hmmm. Smart currency does sound like a reasonable term as they are code based, so they smarter than dumb money, like paper fiat or their scanned database versions. We can generalize the whole class by calling them smarties. Yup, there we’ve fallen into comedy.

Peer money, but that’s silly. Code money is just as silly. Global muneh, network muneh, block or chain muneh. Computer muneh. Internet muneh. Bits, but that sounds like, that sounds silly too. Nodes? Trust? Rekt mune!

Smart coins, but that’s too long. Smart money maybe as a description, but not as a category. We’re probably stuck with gradually making crypto sound less cryptic and more cool informally, while formally they can be described as digital-assets or smart assets.

“AirTM is now available as a payment option on NeoBux, allowing freelancers around the globe to instantly convert money to and from USD, cryptocurrency, e-wallets, and over 200 other regional currencies. The integration provides freelancers in destabilized markets with greater financial freedom by introducing a FinCEN-backed alternative to high-fee local banking. Transactions with NeoBux and AirTM are performed at a pre-negotiated rate of just 1% — well below currency exchange averages and rates on other large payment platforms…

AirTM’s P2P service is powered by thousands of nodes that bridge transactions across multiple countries and international banking systems. This enables rapid and secure conversion between local currencies to USD and cryptocurrency in any country, helping users access online income opportunities from abroad and preserve the value of their money by giving them more stable currency options.”

Interesting. So basically this sounds like WeChat Pay or Apple Pay, but with crypto options in addition to fiat. AirTM is mainly focused on Latin America if we’re not mistaken. They had some sort of campaign to raise about $100,000 in crypto for Venezuelans. Pretty cool app, conceptually. Mpesa, but with crypto in addition to fiat.

Our press releases never end, so we’ll leave it there for this edition of news of news. As you may have noticed we’ve slowed down considerably because festivities. Even 24/7 cryptonians need a break now and then.

It’s a special time in many ways, a brief period of magic. That’s if we all do our part to sort of collectively act as if it is the season of Narnia.

Our slowing down on news is our own little bit towards that aim of creating magic. Time is too short for us all to not stop and smell the roses, at least once a year.

So many cars and trains and planes are right now flying as loved ones meet, for some perhaps for the first time in a decade. Immigrants going home, whether they be of an international kind or more local and regional – individuals who have moved cities – as well as natives. United for once, for a day at least.

For some, that whole concept is angering. They might have no one in this point in time, or they might not want anyone. It can burn, but that too is a sort of magic.

In a pretty difficult year, the comforts of Christmas feel sweeter than many previous ones. 2019 for some, especially this millennial generation, may well be the year of hope and the year of love.

Some of the millennials have turned 30 this year, while some of the digital generation have turned 18. Those two numbers have great distance, but in age they are in many ways quite similar.

It is no wonder 2016-18 has been some of the most challenging times, but for the better. The people did finally revolt. There is a certain air. A certain shivering optimism. A certain confidence in many ways. A certain expectation even.

The children have finally grown up. Antonets across the world have been brought down conceptually, or fear they may be brought down. All of it quite peacefully.

Something is rising and we think that is the air of optimism, the hope of ambition, the acclaims of inspiring Musk science, the conviction of the biohakers, the modern art of the Makers, the unification of a people, from China to Arabia, Africa to Russia, Europe to America, Latin America to Australia.

As the Antonets meet in their G20s and the corporations see themselves as global, so too the people meet in the digital realms from all corners.

Some traitors tried and still try to confine us within chained borders. To reduce say Britain to a choice of whether they wish to be answerable to Trump, Putin or Xi. To maintain imaginary borders that have led to wars for centuries in Europe, Arabia and much else for they divided families.

Yet the march of progress shall keep progressing. Only light can defeat darkness. While the Antonets can keep their imaginary borders, the people shant in their own houses.

Tis a revolution of the mind, an upgrade of mankind, this global peer to peer network, whether the internet or the blockchain. There the devil can’t play. This year hopefully it has been banished to give way to the angels that descend this festive day.

A poem Johny!? Our very own:

You smell the flower

and tell it it is nice

so up it risees

superior now muh lord bow down.

 You smell it

in a parallel universe

and talk it down

 it clings around.

 And if in a third universe we go

to be neutral so

it’s not a flower anymore.

 So machinations rise

complex webs of meannings lost

 love turned hate

 admiration disregard.

In a maze so complex,

no one even knows where was the start

and if you try to cut through it like a butter through knife

hated by all you stand.

On a string one walks

upon the balance of mind and hands

on the one side heaven

there too on the other side hell.

To meet one is to not meet the other

and in the middle to meet naught

for if one sways or falls

 how does one rise once more?

Bam bam bam the doors of hell

Satan see there in his glory

your mind to wrap

welcome young lad.

And in the days and months that go

that heaven still does glow

but so it wanes and so its gone

as time goes on.

When light came

it found our shores

in the middle of earth

a spark and man evolved.

The pen of Luther

the songs of Beethoven

the verses of heaven,

in Shakespeare’s writings.

Wear those olives of god princes

nourish with your breasts

the liberty of this 21st century

as you always have.



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