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Merry Christmas Green Cryptonians


Tis the season of magic for lord himself was born today to take away all our worries. All the ra and re erased thus here.

Whether muslim or christian, jewish, hindu, budhist, atheist, or whatever religion and belief, the 25th has a special uniting quality for the sun rises after the shortest day of the year on the 21st.

Tis with a poem we mark the occasion for this year. Our very own. Not refined or sophisticated, but perhaps inspired. For the first time, it also contains some very strong language. We doubt children are reading these pages today as we couldn’t star out a poem we hope you’ll very much like.

The year has gone,

the times are flying,

the little boy,

now is manning.


Burning the toys,

for alls laughta

the little kid



Tra rap dap dap,

streets of Landan,

turkeh lad,

gib muh tomatoes man.

Muh thyme where it,

gib da oil,

the race around,

from shelfs all gone.

Taxi man,

to earth’s end,

I must have,

 some salt.


The day so comes,

what will they say mum?

Muh fukin pasta!


Welcome ladeh,

oh muuuh blond lord,

hehehee little baby,

tis CHSIRTTMAS u all.


Brap, the doors of ovens,

rap, foods go sounding,

toop, cucumbas fly,



get the fukin trash out.


 Mah, your highness,

 yes yes, drink the wine,

where the bacun.




no sound,

tis the holly nite,

when man is cleansed,

 of all sins that came,

to be born again,


as the sun,

that once more rises in our lands.


Throw the towels and the dishes,

time for adults to be children,

once a year,

at least for a day

why shant we play?


Lower the guns,

and the tongues,

open your hearts,

and your smiles.

Tis the happy season,




No tears here,

though your heart might be aching,

no anti conformista,

uniform white teeth for all,

kinds and peasants,


the lot.


Tis a season of magic by choice,

 ancient as time old,

so play your part,

man of god.


Forget and forgive all,

for in this day,

earth so rises,

and with it we are transformed,

little atoms,

little dances.


A year is gone,

so smile,

while you still have lips of cherry,

smileeee while you still have those blue eyes.


Like our grandfathers,

we too shall be gone,

so dance,

in this holly night,

make magic be about.


No dekonformista, no rebellionista, no criminals no gun,

for a few hours,

at least,

leet us all stand as one,

human species.


To you our lord I pray this day,

for the sins of all to be cleansed from all,

to you i say come down today,

and stay,

for man to raise and to evolve,

their conscience above,

for our hearts to warm.


Bring glitter lord,

in the faces of all mankind,

lift their worries,

at least for a night.


Bring your magic

in this holly time,

let us all see,

in the peace here,

who we are.


The lonely,

the social ones,

Queen Elizabeth the Second.

Theresa May or Trump,

The Crown Prince of Arabia,

the nationalists of Haruqu Haram,

Putin or Xi,

the technologists of Silicon Valley,

 the plotters wherever they are,

the dreamers of our times,

the drivers of our lands,

the children unfree and those free,

the artists who right now in lack of liberty wish not this life,

the beauty givers,

the ones in sacrifice,

the back talkers and the ones who speak their minds,

the serious ones and those who seriously love life,

the troubled ones and those who escape trouble,

the ones who kept their head and those who failed,

the fortunate ones and those burned by luck,

all muh lord,

give them today a smile,

even a fake one,

for a day of magic to land,

on the shores of this entire globe,

a moment of peace when we all stop,

when cars no longer roam,

when planes no longer fly,

when home,

even though for some cold,

 is still a fiery night.


Bring your love,

your glitter lord,


let it be a day of smiles.



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