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Happy New Year Cryptonians and All


The year of action is out, the year of non-action is now here as cryptos enter a new stage of maturity, development and awareness.

Jordan Peterson, who thinks gender equality and the rest are some sort of a cultural marxism conspiracy, told his one million followers that “Time magazine praises Bitcoin as a potential bastion of freedom.”

The Intellectual Dark Web faced a banking blockade this year and they’re making a stand. Bitcoin apparently now their tool of choice for it is neutral by design.

Tony Robbins, someone else we had never heard of before, who apparently is some motivational speaker and from that presumably an entrepreneur, has also tweeted out bitcoin to his three million followers.

Who is getting more free advertising we don’t know, but something has happened this year. It may have begun around March when Snowden said something like we need to give a shout out to bitcoin as it has helped us. He said:

“When I was working on the sort of great project of my life back in 2013… there’s a question of: well, do I need a server infrastructure that’s my own?

Maybe the answer is yes. Ok how do I pay for that anonymously? Maybe, maybe someone like me may have used bitcoin for something like that.”

NSA bothered to say this year that they won’t say whether they invented bitcoin. It’s classified. That says something, although very subtle. They think bitcoin is so wow to the point they’d like to claim some credit for whatever cryptography that may have partially been developed there because developing cryptography is their business, even if such claimed credit is in the form of a non-denial denial.

Snowden’s use of bitcoin, however, during what must have been a very dangerous moment for him, clearly indicates NSA had no real part to play in this genius invention, however much they might have wanted the prestige if it was otherwise.

This is proven, as much as anything can be proven, by Russian spies using bitcoin to fund their operations. “Sorry Bankers, Government Won’t Ban Bitcoin, They Need it to Fund Secret Intelligence Operations,” was our headline. That of course was addressed at JP Morgan’s CEO who said if this thing catches on, govs will ban it. The masters of the universe against some kids in their bedrooms. Who will win?

Arguably we won already, this year. Our favorite article of 2018 is a short inspired piece that in a very condensed form sort of encapsulates kind of everything, from the blocksize wars to the continued struggle to open Shenzhen.

“We Won The War, Let’s Build For Peace,” is perhaps where the buidl meme came from. Not that we like claiming credit for anything. We’d rather think no one reads a word we write.

Yet we are in a position of responsibility in a division of labor set-up where everyone is a specialists while we are the generalists who go around projects and get a good understanding through an hour or two of sharp questioning.

That puts us in a position of trust like doctors or teachers, a position that can be abused either intentionally by lacking integrity or unintentionally by not quite guarding one’s biases.

Meaning our opinions are not as valuable as the facts we report, but there may be times when they are more valuable. There may also be times when metaphors contain far more facts than any straight reporting for anyone who can read them.

In a tangent here as the clock ticks towards the new year, in youth one naturally despises myths and metaphors because they’re not easy to unpack.

With age, however, one understands that some things are better said in color than in black and white. Just as they understand that metaphors can sometime be like pictures, containing perhaps even more than one thousand words.

The position of a journalist or reporter has been diluted considerably, especially by the rise of scripted media. The complexities, however, shouldn’t deter one from recognizing the fine work that some journalists and reporters do.

A number of them were assassinated this year. The most famous case doesn’t even need mentioning, but from war zones to corrupt halls, some brave men and women departed.

Without those that hold the candle, this world would be a very different place. We thus hope in this new year that some within this profession recognize their responsibility to their self first, then to all others.

“Biohacker Aaron Traywick found dead in a spa,” is perhaps one of the most impactful headline of 2018 outside of this space after the accord between the two Koreas and Trump’s declaration that ISIS has been defeated.

Traywick injected himself on stage with a DIY research compound that was claimed could cure certain diseases.

The act was seen as going too far. The stakes there are far too high. One can’t open the guilds in one day, especially where it concerns the stupendously complex matters of medicine.

Even in our own space we have to go somewhat slowly, gradually, incrementally, fully voluntarily, and solely by persuasion and free choice. To cause hopefully no harm whatever for no one wants a collapse in our own lands, especially when it is in no way necessary or anywhere near necessary.

In biohacking they have to go effectively at snail speed or even slower. There are reasons why things are done the way they are done. Those reasons have to be understood first and then one has to see what can be improved. One can’t possibly think that we know better than our fathers or grandfathers in 99% of cases and where we do we have to gradually transition.

Freedom, on the other hand, shouldn’t be given up for fear of risk. Some of the greatest inventions were through self-experimentation. The elders should see that there are certain big problems in medicine and it is because of those problems that this movement has begun in 2004 and has grown since.

Where problems are concerned, in the British way and the British derived way, it is not a matter of blame, but a matter of offering solutions.

Freedom wins for one reason only. It offers the ability of quicker feedback, so allowing problems to be addressed before they reach the French stage with Antonets.

Britain has enjoyed autonomy and relative stability for now precisely 1,000 years for in all learnings history or the building blocks in Britain begin around 1018.

That’s partly because it is an island, meaning they could afford to be free. Thus their revolution was glorious. Thus Tony Blair resigned just before the students were to take to the streets.

When the French rise, all have reason to worry. They apparently attempted to take control of the media stations. That hasn’t happened in Wester Europe within living memory, and hasn’t happened in all of Europe since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The year we greet we hope to be happy, but it does in some ways appear we are at a dangerous point. Trump’s continued instance for a wall does not aid. Many immigrants have grown-up native children and extended families in their host countries.

Paris is burning. That might spread. If it reaches Britain, things in America could get way out of hand. The solution is a jury style people’s parliament. 500 individuals randomly selected from the electoral roll with the power to make or veto laws. Otherwise, the boiling anger since 2003 might not easily find a way to productively channel itself.

The intellectuals of our times have fallen so low we might even say there are no well known intellectuals. The debates over gender fluid and the rest are a complete distraction. Who cares about some transexuals when there are people on the streets.

The pen has fallen almost silent, hence why guns went sounding for now almost two decades. Part of it is because some of the pen were assassinated, Hebdo in France being the prime example.

Yet it may be time for the pen to rise. For the 20s or 30s young ones to make their peaceful sound. It is after all we who have the long term horizon as hopefully we live as long as the mountains.

It is ours the problems, and our responsibility the solutions. For we will have to live with whatever consequence for hopefully another 60 or 70 years or more.

No degree gives one the title of intellectual. No position. No wealth. Certainly no gender, nationality, or other cruder label. The real intellectuals won’t be known for decades after we’ve gone. From the civil or intelligence service to a farmer in Africa, every single one might be an intellectual.

Just as it is the responsibility of every single individual to work towards a world we can enjoy a bit more. We are all living in it after all, from Bezos up high, to the starving Venezuelans.

As what appears to be a challenging year now nears, we hope the pen will be productive. We hope, nay demand peace first and foremost, in all corners. We hope what looks like a new 2018 dawn, has the sun shine a bit more in 2019. We hope a certain elevated consciences can rise. That man can evolve.

It is the beginning of a new era, 2019 or 2020. Our grandfathers have almost all left. Who might remain is now 98 years old. Born at the end of the first world war, soldier in the second one. Watched the optimistic beginning of communism, or the swinging 60s, and the collapse of the Berlin wall when books were raided from libraries, or in Britain of course when the trash were not being collected.

We must look so different through the imaginary lines of nationalism, gender, color, religion, or whatever other crude label, yet the people are the same everywhere, kind first and foremost, seeking the usual comforts.

If we can articulate it in our own mind, then it must mean there is a new consciences arising probably primarily due to the internet. A new awareness that we are all a global people, sharing the same hopes and concerns.

What happens anywhere affects all everywhere. Especially in this age of information when we actually know what happened. Yet as we’re all similar, so too we are different, within and outside labels.

The complexities of fact and view ought not deter the intellect from seeing the solution to the benefit of the many and the few. Tis a mere matter of tapping objectivity and reality. A task doable by any reasonable man or woman.

To escape, as we have done for the past two decades, whether in subjective nonsense or fun gender fluid games, is to entrap yourself quite willingly within a fictitious world that necessarily will clash with reality and court a very harsh slap from it.

Tis far better to look at what is. To lift that spell of ancient subjectivity, or postmodernism as they call it, or neoliberalism or whatever nonsense, and to actually see the challenging nature of all tasks.

The beauty of what is, glows far more considerably than any fiction. The solutions to any problems, though hard, satisfies far more than any dance. Truth has better tales than any tale which can be told, by even god.

We hope these simple realizations find far more common mention up high and down low. For we will soon depart, every single one of us. Hopefully in the very comfortable old age for all.

Tis what we leave and what we, if we return, find, that drives everyone, as well as what we enjoy. A poem, radical perhaps, but more for your pleasure:

The peasants are rising,
no one to stop them,
but the pen.

Tis but comfort peace,
that meets the edges,
the shouts of liberty,
in our ages.

The tremor and the fear,
engulfing all our mothers,
the yellow eyes,
sons and brothers.

For freedom who wont sing,
as long as one lives
for optimism who wont lift,
that banner,
for in darkness thus so light,

Tis pleasure to ask,
of questions complex thus,
even as tempted one stands,
to fully hold the tongue.

The youth in streets burning,
majepsing all mankind
reverberating through this continent,
Asia and all lands.

From comfort,
here though asked,
muh head,
young man?

Not yours princess of England,
your beauty kind and wide,
Of thieves that roam this land,
there my arm.

And you son of France,
long waited to roam,
roar beautiful kind,
Das vivas Napoleon.

To you our hearts,
and liberties around,
may France rise,
the liberating mother of mankind.

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