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Stocks Yoyo While Cryptos Open 2019 in Green


No moon for Elon Musk this 2019 opening and this time it has nothing to do with the Shortseller’s Enrichment Commission (SEC), but with Tesla falling short of analysts’ expectations by about 1,000 cars.

The analysts apparently expected 92,000 car deliveries. Tesla managed “only” 90,700 in the fourth quarter of 2018. That 1,300 has cost the company a -10% in its stock price. Then they tell us Wall Street bankers know how to value stock companies.

Had it been 92,000 and one car, we may well have seen a +10% rise. Just traders doing their trading. Not speculation! The yoyo is totes natural:

Tesla’s yoyo-ing stock price, Jan 2019.

Tesla’s stock volatility used to be the exception, but now the stock indexes have become just as volatile.

FTSE opened -1%+ this morning, but closed at +0.09%. Apparently the UK manufacturing data surprised in between. Looks like the oracle “analysts” did not expect a nearly halved pound against the dollar and the euro to lead to higher foreign demand for British goods.

In Italy we see the reverse. “Italy’s manufacturing sector shrank for a third straight month in the latest sign that Europe’s third-largest economy is on the brink of yet another recession,” says Bloomberg.

Yellow vest riots are expected to dampen the French economy. Germany of course keeps being Germany, but China may be the biggest news for the day.

China’s manufacturing industry has seen its first contraction since 2016. That’s now three years ago, hitting South Korea which saw a 13.9% drop in exports to China and an overall 1.2% drop in exports.

That, in part, sent dow in the red at the time of writing. Yoyo-ing, however, is kind of the new normal so maybe Trump will buy the dip. Hopefully it won’t then just keep on dipping.

Oil is down the barrel, $55. Gold is having a mini bull-run, up from $1,200 to now $1,280 in a month or so. Putin should be happy. He has been stockpiling on gold for much of last year.

Crypto, however, might be the show, at least for young bankers. Ethereum is up 13% today, doubling in the past month from $80 to now nearly $160.

All are green. Bitcoin up about 5%. Monero +15%. EOS +10%. XRP and BCH both up about 5% in the past 24 hours.

Suggesting eth is leading. They have an issuance reduction fork coming up. In addition, you can now apparently invest in separatist movements. It worked for the Rothschilds, although not quite a separatist movement but close to the same thing in funding wars, so it might work for normies too.

The ICO of REBEL has sold out in ten seconds as bots raced to scoop up all the coins with the aim of flipping them later on – is a headline we’d rather not write.

Yet, it’s not unforeseeable. Tis an open space and it is the people’s money. There can be chokepoints, but they’d only minimize rather than eliminate.

For freedom keeps on reigning here amidst banking blockades and all the rest. Long may it do so, for peaceful and voluntary means of incremental changes and reforms are far superior to the guillotines recently paraded in French streets.



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