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Binance Denies Taking Bribes From Ripple, But Admits Tron Donated $3 Million


After ethereans accused one of the biggest crypto exchange of taking fees from Ripple to list XRP trading pairs and to change the ETH trading tab into ALTS, Leah Li of Binance told Trustnodes: “Ripple has not made any donation or paid any fee.”

Li did not clarify why XRP trading pairs are ranked first even though they have lower volumes in dollars than eth pairs or whether they plan to change the alts naming after the reaction from the ethereum community. Nor did she clarify why BCHABC and BCHSV are not show as just BCH and BSV in line with other exchanges.

She wanted however to clarify a number of statements made in regards to the Binance Charity Foundation (BCF) and in regards to claims of listing fees.

“Binance never offered Christopher Franko a listing quote of 400 BTC. We do not know where this number is from and there is no proof that the claim is true. We tried our best to refute this months ago,” Li said.

That’s in reference to an August statement by Christopher Franko, co-founder of Expanse, who said Binance had given him a listing quote of 400 BTC, at the time worth $2.6 million, to list Expanse. He did not provide any evidence as far as we can see, save for his own statement.

Binance has previously stated that a donation may be required for listing. “Binance Charity will start to add more context and identifiers to the donations they receive which are tracked on the blockchain,” Li says.

Binance donations, Dec 2018.

“For example, instead of ‘Binance’ as Donor Name for the 28000 BNB transaction on 2018-12-10, Binance Charity will specify ‘Republic Protocol (REN) Binance Listing Fee’ or similar description going forward. We did announce REN’s donation at an earlier date, when we first listed the token,” Li says.

The above image had the caption Binance listing donations in the original article. Li quite rightly clarifies that not all of them are listing fees. Trustnodes, in fact, made a small donation in a mini test-run when the charity was first announced. Anyone is free to donate, but the article was obviously focused on the listing fee donations. Li says:

“The ‘Adjustment from Binance’ is an internal money transfer from the BCF Wallet to the Malta L-Istrina Campaign.

You can track the two donations of 15313.94 BNB each from Binance and BCF (On Behalf of Tron), and read more about their US$100,000 donations to The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation in this article.

Binance Charity’s fundraising channel was opened to support terminally ill patients and disadvantaged children in Malta.

More background: Tron had donated US$3 million to BCF, and BCF converted US$.1 million to 15313.94 BNB on Dec 24th, 2018, at the conversion rate of 6.529998, then donated to the Malta project on behalf of Tron.

XZC’s donation hasn’t been announced yet, you’re correct. Confirming that BCF did sign a donation agreement with Zcoin and the funds will be wired to the project wallet soon, at which time we will do an official announcement.

Going forward, we’ll make sure to announce donations as they are committed and work on doing a better job aligning messaging with our leadership team too.

Please note that the ‘listing review process’ is designed for token listings only, which is different from ‘adding trading pairs’.

XZC/XRP was an ‘added trading pair’ for listed tokens, not a new token listing. So CZ’s quote here is unrelated to token listings: “We will prioritize adding more pairs for the projects that have donated to our charity…”

We never offered Expanse a listing fee or even a price quote because our listing conversations never got that far.

The $100,000 donations were from Tron and Binance to The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation.

Ripple did not have to pay or donate any fees related to this.”

We then asked to clarify whether Ripple has made any donation at all or has paid any fee at all with Li stating: “No, Ripple has not made any donation or paid any fee.”



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