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Just 15% of Ethereum Nodes Have Upgraded Days Ahead of Constantinople


Only 14.6% of all ethereum nodes have upgraded to the latest version despite there being only one week to go until ethereum’s Constantinople upgrade.

314 nodes have upgraded to the Geth fork Clients of 1.8.20 or above, accounting for 4% of all 7856 eth nodes. While 833 Parity Clients have upgraded to version 2.1.10 or above.

“Upgrade your clients as soon as possible!” – Afri Schoedon of parity said last week when just 10% of all nodes had upgraded. While Péter Szilágyi of Geth said:

“Rinkeby Ethereum testnet successfully forked over to Constantinople! All signers, bootnodes, faucet online and working well. Clean split between new and non-upgraded nodes (please update!).”

On January 16th new protocol rules will kick-in, making old nodes no longer able to function. That’s due to a number of consensus changes, with the primary one being an issuance reduction from 3 eth per block to 2.

The changes are not controversial. They were made after much debate, including with miners, thus there is general consensus among all network participants.

If all goes well, then ordinary users and upgraded nodes won’t see any difference. It will be as if nothing has happened with the changes sort of automatically kicking in. Older nodes, however, won’t be able to see the new blocks.

You won’t need to do anything if you don’t run a node. As long as you hold the private key, or a custodian like an exchange does so, then you won’t notice anything.

Neither will miners at a technical level, but financially they’ll get less eth per block. For devs there’s some new features that increase gas efficiency and some smart contracts aspects.

There won’t be any airdrop, fortunately or unfortunately. A new eth classic squared coin is unlikely to come into existence. With eth’s difficulty changing by the block, however, some kid may well keep the old chain running to do whatever he/she wants with it.

Why not, freedom reigns here but considering it would have higher inflation, no one would care. The kid therefore might find it a lot more convenient to get his own blockchain on Truffle.

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