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Europe on the Brink of a Direct Democracy Revolution as Di Maio Enters the Yellow Vests Fray


Italy’s deputy prime minister, Luigi Di Maio, has stated he will meet yellow vests “leaders” to form a European Parliamentary alliance in a push for direct democracy.

“I am creating an alternative European parliamentary group to the right and the left and I am involving all those movements that believe in direct democracy,” Di Maio said while speaking to Italy’s Rai Radio 1.

The 32 years old rose as the figurehead of the internet born 5 stars movement which decimated the established left and right politics in favor of an online platform where people suggest laws, vote candidates, and hold discussions.

The primary demand of the yellow vests is something similar. They want Swiss style direct democracy where citizens can propose laws which are then voted by all in binding referendums.

Some point out Hitler consolidated his power through bogus referendums, so there would have to be a council which considers whether a proposed referendum is in line with basic principles.

Such council could be a jury style random selection of ordinary citizens who in addition make up one of the houses of parliament, so refining the current checks and balances to give real representation to ordinary citizens.

A national debate is now to begin next week where the above matters and much else is up for discussion according to Bloomberg.

Before that, however, there’s tomorrow. The protesters show up only during weekends with this Saturday making it the 9th week.

Some of the yellow vest “leaders” have called for a bank run, but what exactly will happen tomorrow is not very clear.

There have been calls to bring in the army, but the danger there is they might find out most of the army supports the yellow vesters. In that situation, they might then overthrow the government. Something no one wants for while reforms are necessary, they must be peaceful, gradual and centrist reforms that keep the schools open.

When Question Time and Newsnight silver-haired presenters give way to far younger ones, you know a generational change is now on-going.

The reference above only the Brits will understand, but the baby boomers are leaving the stage, the millennials are rising.

The now 30 something who grew up with the internet are beginning to gain positions where they’re not far off from effectively running the world.

As the most informed generation in history, the most educated, the most aware, and even the richest, they want some changes to how things are done.

Higher representation is the most obvious one in light of a collapse in the levels of trust in current institutions.

The latest headline to show why change is needed is because although they have been told meritocracy rules, “The richest families in Florence in 1427 are still the richest families in Florence.”

Some might retort picking on that headline sounds like communism, but it is more a question of fairness. 9-5 workers pay far more in direct and indirect taxes in proportion to their wealth than Bezos. His children will inherent the low pay of many Amazon workers. There are good arguments to be made that such billionaire inheritance should be taxed at 80%+.

In this space in particular plenty may suggest there should be no tax at all, but until robots are in fact cleaning our streets, we would like someone to do it for us.

In the meantime, it’s about fair taxes, closing loopholes, taxing insane wealth through land and other unavoidable means, and indeed maybe not taxing at all those earning $20,000 or less.

What the French citizens will come up with, however, we do not know with the current movement largely contained within France because both citizens and the elite elsewhere probably want to see how it works out.

If for the better, then it will probably be copied elsewhere hopefully without the need for street riots. It may be copied at the EU level too. A random selection of perhaps 2,000 EU citizens with perhaps EU wide referendums.

Such people’s say may well allow this space to table its own proposals, such as a repeal of the Securities Act (and its equivalent in much of the west) and a replacement with a far more reasonable approach to allow and promote honest capital formation while minimizing abuse.



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  1. Don’t fall for Di Maio, he jumps on everything he thinks can give him some visibility and then forgets when things have to become real or at least realistic (his interest in cryptos was just that, nothing happened on that front after he became minister).
    He follows the hype, no matter what.
    His movement was supportive of anti-vaxers (pseudo-science) but they had to be realistic about public sanitary policy and so they decided that vaccinations for schoolboys/schoolgirls are mandatory (or you have to pay a uber-sanction), and now “their guru” Grillo has signed a protocol against pseudo-science medicine, breaking them apart.

    My prediction: in 12 months Yellow Vests will be “forgotten” with (almost) no change in France democratic model.

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