ETC Block Rewards Go Crazy – Trustnodes

ETC Block Rewards Go Crazy


ETC miners are now receiving as much as 200 per block (pictured above), rather than the usual 4 ETC per block.

Nor is this some site or explorer glitch. Another explorer shows an incredible 424 ETC was given to a miner in block rewards.

ETC block rewards go loco, Jan 2019.

The ETC network recently experienced a 51% attack, but that shouldn’t allow the major miner to change the consensus rules, such as block rewards.

The reason for these very high rewards, instead, seems to be because someone is paying huge transaction fees. In the 424 block mentioned above, 420 have been paid in fees.

As the ETC network is under a 51% attack, bribing miners with huge fees might be one way of lowering the chances that your transaction is reversed.



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